20 Million Adults in South Africa Are Without a Matric Qualification

20 Million Adults in South Africa Are Without a Matric Qualification

  • Just over 31% of South African adults lack higher education qualifications in the country
  • The Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) programme and UCT Online High School's Adult Matric Preparation Programme provide affordable and flexible opportunities for adults to complete Grade 12
  • The lack of matric qualifications among adults is linked to poorer earning capacity, financial instability and higher unemployment rates
Twenty Million Adults in South Africa Are Without a Matric Qualification
Millions of adults in South Africa do not have a matric qualification. Image: Supplied
Source: UGC

The education crisis in South Africa is in dire need of attention and reform. According to Stats SA, approximately 31% of South African adults have no further or higher education. This excludes some 21 million adults from a wide range of skilled and professional areas of employment.

In a country with a staggering 32.9% national unemployment rate, education is a vital pillar for a thriving society.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” It has the potential to shape minds, expand opportunities and drive progress for individuals, their communities, and society at large.

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The results of the 2022 census show that only 37.6% of the South African population have completed matric, which is a significant concern. The lack of a matric qualification is linked to poorer earning capacity, higher unemployment and financial instability. It is everyone's responsibility to address these issues and provide opportunities for second chances for adults without a matric.

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The Department of Basic Education’s Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) programme provides these young adults with a promising future.

Understanding the Amended Senior Certificate (ASC)

  • The ASC, or self-study adult matric, is equivalent to the National Senior Certificate (NSC) awarded to high school graduates. To qualify, individuals must be 21 years or older and complete exams for six subjects, with final exams determining 100% of the grade.
  • Most adult learners complete the ASC part-time, so the length of time taken to complete it can be longer, depending on their capacity for commitment. And while they can complete their studies from anywhere, they must sit for their exams in South Africa.

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Seeing this opportunity for improvement and determined to be part of the change, UCT Online High School announced the launch of an 18-month Adult Matric Preparation Programme delivered entirely online in August of 2022 for R2,195 per month.

However, UCT Online High School’s application data to date shows that the largest deterrent for these second-chance learners is still the issue of low affordability. Taking this into consideration, the online school heeded the call for more affordable, more accessible, high-quality online education and reformatted its full preparation Adult Matric qualification to R800 per month (from R2,195 originally) - with the half preparation Adult Matric qualification costing R600 per month, and the single subject option costing R450 per month.

Benefits of obtaining the Amended Senior Certificate (ASC)

  • It offers adults the chance to further their education as it means they can study further at a tertiary level and can pursue studies for vocational education and training.
  • It allows adults to broaden their career opportunities as a matric certificate is the minimum requirement for many jobs and further workplace advancements.
  • It boosts their confidence and self-worth by equipping them with new knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Adults can work and study simultaneously due to the flexibility, which allows them to structure their study time around existing commitments.

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Adult Matric Preparation Programme eligibility criteria

  • Group 1: Adults 21 years and older with a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC), Grade 9 school report, or equivalent NQF Level 1 qualification.
  • Group 2: Adults who have previously completed some NSC or ASC subjects but must finish their qualification.
  • Group 3: Out-of-school youth aged 18-20 with specific qualifications can apply to the Head of Education in their province.

UCT Online High School celebrates and supports these learners with resolute advisors, structured work plans, revision modules and technical support. A matric certificate can transform young and old people’s futures.

The Adult Matric Programme provides learners with a support structure that’ll help them on their journey to obtain their ASC. This includes the following:

  • A dedicated Support Advisor who is available for any administrative queries will empower learners to optimise their work and take advantage of learning online. They are available Monday through Friday (excluding South African Public Holidays) between 8am and 5pm.
  • A recommended weekly plan and work plan, which helps students to guide their time and work each week.
  • Sign-posting and wrap-up videos for each subject, which highlight key outcomes and takeaways and situate their lessons in the broader context of their learning.
  • Termly revision modules that highlight the most important examinable content from the previous term and provide them with opportunities to consolidate and apply their knowledge.
  • Mastery Checks that will show them whether they have achieved an appropriate level of competence for each module across all of their subjects.
  • Technical support is available from their Technical Support Team, which is available Monday through Friday (excluding South African Public Holidays) in office hours.

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Join the journey with UCT Online High School as it calls on future change-makers to seize this opportunity for a better future. Applications for the Adult Matric Preparation Programme are now open and interested learners can visit UCT Online High School for more information.

Adult learners share their experiences

UCT Online High School has received an influx of inspirational stories from adults wanting to grow their own success for a better future:

“I haven't finished matric due to my mother that passed away but worked myself up from a waitress to an administrator at Ford Dealership; I would like to further my studies as it's never too late.’’ - Kauthar
‘’I have been looking for this opportunity for quite a long; when I heard about the start of the UCT online high school, l felt there is always a second chance. It might not be me because of the challenges, but many out there; I wish to be part of this noble program because it'll unlock new opportunities and change my life permanently.’’ - Adam

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