Anele Mdoda Drags Kenyan Airways After Bad Experience: “Just Throw the Whole Airline Away”

Anele Mdoda Drags Kenyan Airways After Bad Experience: “Just Throw the Whole Airline Away”

  • Anele Mdoda shared a bad experience with Kenyan Airways after having to sleep at the airport
  • The radio host lamented every bad experience she endured, including being served food late
  • The actress slammed the company, saying it is the worst and mentioned the delays and cancelled flights

Celebrities often share their bad experiences with airlines and every story seems horrific to even be real.

Anele Mdoda slammed Kenyan Airways.
Anele Mdoda said Kenyan Airways is the worst as she dragged them. Image: @anelemdoda
Source: Instagram

Anele Mdoda slams Kenyan Airways

Taking to X (Twitter), Anele Mdoda lashed out at Kenyan Airways and spoke about her experience with the airline. She shared how she had to spend the night at the airport resulting in her having to spend the night at the airport.

"Jerrrrrr Kenyan Airways is the worst of them all. I have never seen an airline deal with so many delays and now a cancellation...Then the flight they can put us on is also delayed. I really hate Kenyan airways Shame. Shut the entire thing down with their rickety seats."

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Anele held nothing back as she mentioned every bad experience, including delayed food service.

“Oh, it gets worse. They can’t take us to the hotel because of some blah blah reason so we now have to sleep at the airport. They will serve us dinner by gate 21 at 10 PM. Kenyan Airways just throw the whole airline away.”

Anele says she would rather walk than get on a Kenyan Aiways flight

To make matters worse, she mentioned how her flight was delayed, and then cancelled.

Anele even posted a video to show her frustration.

Watch it below:

Mzanso agrees with Anele

A few peeps have a similar story to share about their experiences with the airline.


"Never fly Kenya Airways. They oversell flights on purpose. Then play whack-a-mole with you once you are in Nairobi on who boards and who doesn’t. People sometimes spend as many as 4-5 nights at the airport. Get promised hotels that never materialise."

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"Show me you are South African without showing me you are South African...this herejust finding humour in everything, even in serious situations."


"A lot of people are always criticizing South Africa, until they cross the border into other countries. Then you realize how good we have it."

Trevor Noah loses luggage on Dutch airline

In similar airport woes, Briefly News previously reported on Anele Mdoda's best friend Trevor Noah having his luggage stolen on his way to Paris.

Trevor said his luggage got lost by a French airline, Transavia. Nonetheless, he said he had a good time in the country.

Source: Briefly News

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