Anele Mdoda Lashes Out at Woman Mistreating Domestic Worker in TikTok Video, Mzansi Weighs In

Anele Mdoda Lashes Out at Woman Mistreating Domestic Worker in TikTok Video, Mzansi Weighs In

  • Anele Mdoda is sick and tired of people abusing their power and mistreating their domestic workers
  • A TikTok video of a lady mistreating her domestic worker made rounds on social media and had netizens up in arms
  • The 947 presenter and her followers addressed the mistreatment, saying people do it for clout
Anele Mdoda called out employers for abusing their power over domestic workers
Mzansi joined Anele Mdoda in bashing the woman who mistreated their domestic workers for clout. Image: zintathu
Source: Instagram

Anele Mdoda spoke up against people who mistreat their employees, more so domestic workers. The mother of one was responding to a TikTok video of a lady exchanging words with her helper and ultimately firing her.

Mzansi came for the lady full force and called her out for being a clout chaser and a horrible employer.

Anele Mdoda calls out lady mistreating domestic worker

Eh, mara people will do the most outrageous things for a little clout. A lady recorded herself in several TikTok videos mistreating her elderly domestic worker and accusing her of stealing her wine.

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In another clip, the helper is seen opening a sliding gate at the lady's home, only to be shouted at for taking too long, and again accused of being drunk off wine.

Although the videos may be comedic, they left a sour taste in Anele Mdoda's mouth and she decided to call the employer out for disrespecting and mistreating her helper for clout in a Twitter (X) rant:

"These stories of you mistreating your domestic helpers knowing full well you are going to set the timeline alight bore me. You walk amongst people whose parents were actually mistreated in those roles and you come here and use it to trend."

Another lady was dragged for refusing to give her domestic worker leave during the festive season:

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Mzansi weighs in on Anele's rant

Netizens supported Anele Mdoda's statement and bashed the employer for clout-chasing:

TheRealNengwi asked:

"I literally thought the same thing!!! Like literally!!! Kante at what age does clout chasing stop?"

Ihhashi_Turkei posted:

"Very sad stuff, domestics endure a lot."

Rami8479 said:

"I always ask myself who raised these kinds of people. Haai!"

Woman shows off relationship with domestic worker

In some lighthearted updates, Briefly News shared a playful TikTok video of a Xhosa-speaking white woman asking for her helper's opinion on her dress.

The ladies' relationship warmed many hearts and netizens were also amazed at the employer's fluent isiXhosa. The pair shared another heartwarming clip bonding with the employer's son while speaking in isiXhosa.

Source: Briefly News

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