Andile Mpisane and Shauwn "MaMkhize" join 'Tshwala Bami' TikTok challenge, receive mixed reactions

Andile Mpisane and Shauwn "MaMkhize" join 'Tshwala Bami' TikTok challenge, receive mixed reactions

  • Andile Mpisane and his mom, MaMkhize, decided to join the Tshwala Bami challenge
  • The media personalities showed off their two-legged dance moves and left Mzansi in stitches
  • Netizens expressed mixed reactions to the video, where some criticised their moves while others thought they were cute
Andile Mpisane and Shauwn Mkhize joined the 'Tshwala Bami' TikTok challenge
Andile Mpisane and his mom, MaMkhize, posted a video of their 'Tshwala Bami' TikTok dance. Images: andilempisane10, kwa_mammkhize
Source: Instagram

Andile Mpisane is the latest celeb to take part in the popular Tshwala Bami dance challenge and called on his mom to join him. MaMkhize and her son dropped some serious moves and became the centre of an online debate.

Andile Mpisane and MaMkhize join dance challenge

Our boy Andile Mpisane, couldn't let the Tshwala Bami challenge die down without dropping his submission.

The often trolled dancer, having failed to impress on several dance attempts, is back to give Mzansi some Mpisane flavour and recruited his mom, Shauwn "MaMkhize" Mkhize.

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Taking to her TikTok page, MaMkhize showed off her sweet dance video with her son:

"Mother and son moments."

Mzansi weighs in on Andile and MaMkhize's moves

Eish, it looks like netizens aren't feeling Andile Mpisane and MaMkhize's dance moves and dragged the pair to hell and back:

Eric_Thatboy said:

"They shouldn’t have."

MalumeRichie joked:

"Only us poor people can dance."

Iconic_Cure was stunned:

"Wow, there's no talent at all there."

tebogor2012 posted:

"Maybe Mom will buy him copyrights for the dance."

Duma08 wrote:

"This must be a different challenge."

Meanwhile, some netizens defended Andile and MaMkhize, saying they were having innocent fun:

Nokulun66188298 dragged the haters:

"The only people hating are the ones who could never do this with their parents."

Solo_slimzz asked:

"Why do people hate this dude so much? He can’t even have fun without being ridiculed."

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StarkDavinci admired the pair:

"She loves her boy shem, it's beautiful."

Davidzaga_ said:

"I love this guy!"

Nomtha showed love to MaMkhize:

One thing about MaMkhize, she really loves her family."

Andile Mpisane shows off workout routine

In more Andile Mpisane updates, Briefly News shared online reactions to the Royal AM chairman's impressive workout routine.

A fitness expert spoke with the publication about Andile's training regimen, discussing the benefits and offering an alternative to the routine.

Source: Briefly News

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