Black Coffee Talks About Gifting Ex Fancy Car, Mzansi Suspects Enhle Mbali: “She Wanted Loyalty”

Black Coffee Talks About Gifting Ex Fancy Car, Mzansi Suspects Enhle Mbali: “She Wanted Loyalty”

  • Black Coffee spoke about having once bought his ex a fancy car
  • The DJ revealed that he purchased the pricey vehicle, but his lady wasn't as appreciative of the gesture
  • Mzansi was divided on the matter, with many suggesting that the person in question was Enhle Mbali
Black Coffee opened up about buying his ex, Enhle Mbali, a fancy car
Black Coffee hinted that Enhle Mbali was unappreciative of his efforts after gifting her a fancy car. Images: realblackcoffee, enhlembali_.
Source: Instagram

Black Coffee recounted a story of when he gifted an ex an expensive car. The DJ, still recovering from a traumatic plane crash, spoke about his ex's reaction to his gesture, saying her lack of appreciation crushed him.

Black Coffee speaks about gifting his ex

Black Coffee opened up about his past relationship and an event that made him feel as though his efforts were not valued or appreciated.

Speaking on Kaya 959, the Superman hitmaker recounted a time when he bought one of his exes an expensive car. Without mentioning the model of the vehicle, Coffee said that the car was not cheap and rather fancy at the time.

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In a video posted by Twitter (X) user ThisIsColbert, Coffee revealed that after presenting his gift to his woman, the reaction he got was unexpected:

"The response wasn't what I expected; she wasn't excited. I expected her to even cry, but she was just like; "Oh, nice, thank you.' And it sat with me heavily for a long time as someone who was not appreciating.
"Sometimes, there are things we wish for people, and things they wish for themselves; and we make the mistake of imposing our wishes on them."

Mzansi weighs in on Black Coffee's story

Having concluded that the story was about Black Coffee's ex-wife, Enhle Mbali, netizens called out Coffee for trying to use his money to get on his ex's good side, with some bringing up his alleged extramarital affairs:

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MorolongZA said:

"I don't know, man. It just sounds like someone thinking throwing money at problems that don't require money will make those problems go away."

glocal_thando wrote:

"If a woman isn’t giddy about the big things, it means you’re fumbling the small things."

B____D___ posted:

"Every time he speaks, I’m even more convinced that Enhle is right. Like, why would you reflect on such?"

LesediMS_ responded:

"I'm just glad he's singlehandedly exposing how much of a horrible husband he was."

MphoMoalamedi was curious:

"Did he buy it before or after he cheated and had kids outside the marriage?"

dukesy19x said:

"Lol, unfortunately, a lot of men are like this. It’s like you must reward them for their unfaithfulness."

Black Coffee's girlfriend takes on Cape Town

In more Black Coffee updates, Briefly News shared online reactions to the DJ's rumoured girlfriend, Victoria Gonzalez's trip to Cape Town.

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The Venezuelan beauty soaked up the sun and felt hearts racing, with many netizens still comparing her to Coffee's ex, Enhle Mbali.

Source: Briefly News

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