Funeral director, undertaker, mortician salary in the USA in 2022

Funeral director, undertaker, mortician salary in the USA in 2022

No one wants to be associated with death or have their loved ones die. However, everyone will die at some point in life. It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but that is a fact; and when that time comes, you will need someone to look after your loved one, friend, acquaintance, or even yourself! Such professionals are known as morticians. So, what is a mortician's salary in the USA in 2022?

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mortician salary
What is a mortician's salary in the USA in 2022? Photo: Jure Gasparic
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Interestingly, an undertaker does the work that no one ever really wants to do! This is not the right career for everyone, but it can be an excellent career. To the outside world, they may be portrayed as weird or scary people; however, they have chosen to do a job that most people lack the courage to do. This read will delve deep to answer the question: how much do morticians make in the US?

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Who is a mortician?

After the death of a loved one, family members and those left behind do not want to deal with everything that happens before the actual funeral. The grieving family is on a roller-coaster of emotions that only calls for assistance at such times. This is where the services of a funeral director or undertaker come in.

salary of a mortician
An undertaker wearing a protective face mask in his store with a display of coffins. Photo: Urbazon
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The undertaker assists the family in embalming the body, preparing the deceased's body for display in the casket, and helping set up a funeral. At the same time, there is lots of paperwork involved before the funeral, all taken care of by the funeral director while allowing the family to grieve.

What is a mortician's salary in the USA in 2022?

There is more than meets the eye when being a mortician. For instance, did you know that the salary of a mortician is fulfilling? A funeral director's salary has been increasing over the years depending on one's skills and experience. So, how much do morticians make?

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The average mortician's salary ranges from $57,620 annually or $27.7 per hour to about $58,395 annually or $28.07 per hour. The rate varies as the career keeps evolving. A funeral director's average annual salary is approximately $50,462.

Do morticians get paid well?

Yes, this is a lucrative career that has seen professionals becoming successful. The annual salary starts from $29,551 for entry-level in this career and could rise to $81,099 annually. Here are some key factors that determine the pay;

  • Education
  • Years of experience
  • Location

Duties of a mortician

Funeral director, undertaker, mortician salary in the USA 2022
A cadaver on an autopsy table. Photo: Darrin Klimek
Source: Getty Images

Death can feel shattering and overwhelming, not only for the mourners who loved the deceased but for everyone who understands the pain of losing a loved one. This is why it calls for an understanding, professional, and a respectful person working in this unique field. Here are some of the duties a mortician or funeral director is expected to carry out:

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  1. Scheduling the burial
  2. Coordinating with the crematorium
  3. Arranging transportation of the body, as well as the funeral guests
  4. Embalming the body
  5. Submitting paperwork to the government for a death certificate
  6. Preparing for the service
  7. Providing emotional support for the family members and loved ones of the deceased

In what state do morticians get paid the most?

Working in a large metropolitan area is equivalent to a better salary. So, who is the highest-paid mortician? Here are some major cities with their corresponding average mortician wages:

  • Connecticut - $134,740
  • Massachusetts - $91,140
  • Alabama - $43,890
  • Arizona - $52,150
  • Arkansas - $44,750
  • California - $54,300
  • Colorado - $49,330
  • Delaware - $70,470
  • Florida - $56,200
  • Georgia - $52,080
  • Hawaii - $44,570
  • Idaho - $63,530
  • Illinois $63,050
  • Indiana $59,370
  • Iowa - $68,270
  • Kansas - $60,090
  • Kentucky - $50,750
  • Louisiana - $47,060
  • Maine - $56,840
  • Maryland - $59,530
  • Michigan - $66,070
  • Minnesota - $73,400
  • Mississippi - $33,440
  • Missouri - $43,630
  • Montana - $62,260
  • Nebraska - $65,460
  • Nevada - $43,710
  • New Hampshire - $76,070
  • New Jersey - $68,060
  • New Mexico - $63,000
  • New York - $64,580
  • North Carolina - $55,970
  • North Dakota - $59,410
  • Ohio - $58,930
  • Oklahoma - $53,990
  • Oregon - $53,380
  • Pennsylvania - $52,510
  • Rhode Island - $62,980
  • South Carolina - $48,040
  • South Dakota - $57,620
  • Tennessee - $51,160
  • Texas - $54,690
  • Utah - $49,750
  • Vermont - $71,220
  • Virginia - $56,470
  • Washington - $56,080
  • West Virginia - $46,910
  • Wisconsin - $59,840
  • Wyoming - $60,920

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With the above-detailed read, it is clear that a mortician's salary is quite lucrative. However, suppose you are interested in working as a funeral director, mortician, or undertaker, it is advisable to carry out your research on the qualifications required to enjoy working in a career undesirable to most people but so worthwhile.

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