Who is Elizabeth Flair? Age, children, spouse, life story, facts, net worth

Who is Elizabeth Flair? Age, children, spouse, life story, facts, net worth

Ric Flair dominated the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) scene during his impressive wrestling career within the industry that spanned over four decades before he ultimately retired. His real name is Richard Morgan Fliehr. Elizabeth Flair is one of his ex-wifves, and many fans are especially curious about her. Here is everything we know about his private ex and what she is getting up to these days.

Charlotte Flair AEW
The private figure is Ric’s second wife, and the pair have since divorced. Photo: Bastiaan Slabbers
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The major entertainment star's previous wife has gathered massive fan curiosity. Is Elizabeth Flair still alive? And if so, what are Elizabeth Flair’s 2022 movements?

Profile summary and bio

Full nameElizabeth Fliehr (Elizabeth Ann Harrell)
NicknameElizabeth Flair
Date of birth1955 (month and date unknown)
Age67 years old (estimated)
Zodiac signUnknown
BirthplaceUSA (city unknown)
Romantic orientationHeterosexual
Religious beliefsUnknown
Current residenceUndisclosed city in the USA
Current nationalityAmerican
Martial statusDivorced
Weight60 kgs
Height163 cm
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourLight blue
ChildrenAshley Elizabeth Fliehr and Richard Reid Fliehr
EducationDegree in Finance and Business Management (allegedly)
Native languageEnglish
Net worth $200,000
Social media pagesNone

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Elizabeth Flair’s life story has many people curious about her. Unfortunately, as seen in the profile summary, there is minimal information online about the reclusive figure. But, there are some bits and pieces of information that are public. Here is what we can confirm about her.

Elizabeth Flair’s age

As of August 2022, she is estimated to be around 67 years old, but her exact birth month and birthdate have not been revealed.

Elizabeth Flair’s spouse

For those wondering, 'Did Ric Flair date Elizabeth?', Elizabeth Flair’s ex-husband is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers in history, Richard Morgan Fliehr, better known by his professional name Ric Flair. The pair were married between 1983 and 2006 when they divorced.

Elizabeth Flair’s father
The duo were married during the prime of the wrestling star’s career. Photo: @JustRasslin and @WrestlingIsKing on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Elizabeth Flair’s children

She shares two children with her ex-husband, Richard Reid Fliehr (25 when deceased) and Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr (36 years old). Both followed in their father's footsteps by becoming professional wrestlers, with Ashley going by her stage name Charlotte Flair and her brother going by Reid Flair until his untimely passing.

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Many wonder what happened to Charlotte Flair’s brother, who seemed to be just making a name for himself in the wrestling world. He was found deceased in bed during a stay at a Residence Inn in Charlotte, North Carolina, on 29 March 2013. Later, he died of a mixture of prescription tablets he had abused and many other illicit substances in his system.

Is Charlotte really Ric Flair's daughter?

Considering the shared stage names, many fans wonder if Charlotte is the daughter of the WWE legend. However, she is his biological daughter, and the family seems very tight-knit.

Is Ric Flair still married?

Although he and his ex-wife have been separated, he did go on to marry other women. Leslie Goodman was his first wife, and they were married between 1971 and 1983. Following his split from Elizabeth, he married Tiffany VanDemark in 2006 until their divorce in 2009. He was married to Jackie Beems between 2009 and 2014, and he got married one final time to Wendy Barlow in 2018.

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Elizabeth Flair’s profiles

Elizabeth Flair’s Instagram does not exist, nor do any other known social media forms like Twitter or YouTube. Instead, she seems to prefer staying out of the limelight.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Elizabeth Flair since there is little to no public knowledge of many aspects of her life. But, she prefers a low-key life away from public scrutiny where she can enjoy her life's greatest moments in private.

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