Liver King's net worth in 2024: What are his sources of income?

Liver King's net worth in 2024: What are his sources of income?

Liver King would easily pass for not being ordinary, mainly because he is obsessed with eating raw liver. He is also famous for lifting incredible amounts of weights and leading a significantly different lifestyle. His physical appearance is a testament to his focus on bodybuilding.

Liver King
He advocates for the nine ancestral tenets by which he abides. Photo: @liverqueen (modified by author)
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Liver King runs social media accounts with 2.3 million followers and proudly shares this lifestyle content. He often uploads videos of himself working out and what he eats. His numbers on social media have been skyrocketing in the past year, and so is his bank account balance. These details about Liver King's net worth and finances decipher how he makes his riches.

How much is Liver King's worth?

His net worth is $310,000,000 million. Brian Johnson and his family live a luxurious lifestyle, thanks to his careers and multiple income streams. On 11 September 2022, his wife, Barbara, posted a video celebrating their son's 16th birthday. In the video, the two boys are seen in two Lamborghinis.

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Brian Johnson had a sad childhood, especially since his father died when he was young and his friends in school bullied him. As a result, he started hitting the gym and eventually transformed his physical appearance. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry.

Early career

Liver King's weight and height
Weightlifting boosted Liver King's self-esteem. Photo: @Reyna Reyna (modified by author)
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Weightlifting boosted Brian Johnson's self-esteem. It even got better when his classmate referred to him as Mark Wahlberg. The comment fueled his determination to lift weights and work on his body further. He wished to make it a career, even though that was not how his future panned out.

He made the significant milestone of joining medical school. Unfortunately, he dropped out before orientation was over. Brian also worked at a pharmaceutical company.

Liver King's wife

Brian met his wife, Barbara, in 2004 while snowboarding. Brian and Barbara started a successful dental practice, although they diversified their niche later and began selling nutritional supplements. The supplements supported Liver King's Ancestral Lifestyle.

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Liver King's children

Brian and Barbra have two sons, often referred to as the Savage Liver Boys. They have made appearances on their father's social media platforms. Their childhood influenced their father's lifestyle.

Growing up, Liver King's children were in and out of hospital battling illnesses and allergies. Their father opted to embrace healthy living by significantly changing their lives. Currently, the family lives by nine ancestral tenets: eat, sleep, move, shield, connect, sun, cold, fight and bond.

How much does Liver King weigh?

According to reports in 2023, he weighs 86 kg and is 190 cm tall. He is famous for advocating the consumption of raw meat.

How did Liver King make his money?

Brian earns an income by being a social media content creator, entrepreneur and bodybuilder. His career has skyrocketed in the past few years and earned him more than fame.

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How much does Liver King make?

His annual income is approximately $250,0000, and his net worth is ballooning by the day. On 4 September 2022 he posted a video of the family in a private jet, eating organs. On various occasions, the bodybuilder is seen pulling his Super Duty F-450 Platinum Ford truck. In 2022, the truck is worth about $50,410.

Also, Liver King has already been making $100 million a year selling protein supplements and dried animal organs under his brands Heart & Soil and Ancestral Supplements. His shop charges $30 to $65 a bottle for capsules containing grass-fed beef liver.

What does Liver King do for a living?

Brian Johnson makes his money from social media. He is one of the most popular social media influencers. He has been smart enough to monetize his numbers on these social media platforms. He also attracts new users by sharing his diet and workouts. Liver King's businesses bring in most of his income from his Ancestral Dietary supplements brand.

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As a bodybuilder, he earns revenue from the fitness industry, such as sponsorship deals and brand endorsements which he promotes on his socials.

Is Liver King on steroids?

In December 2022, Liver King admitted in a YouTube video that he was actually on steroids:

“I lied, and I misled a lot of people…Yes, I’ve done steroids, and yes, I am on steroids, monitored and managed by a trained hormone clinician. When I talk about the 85% of the population that suffers from self-esteem issues, that’s me. I’m part of that statistic.”

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