100+ happy belated birthday messages, wishes, quotes 2022

100+ happy belated birthday messages, wishes, quotes 2022

Many things in life can leave you feeling guilty, but one that carries much weight is forgetting a loved one's birthday. Of course, no one wants to find themselves in these situations; but just in case you do, no need to beat yourself up for it! Happy belated birthday messages is a superb way of making your loved one feel special.

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happy belated birthday messages
A great happy belated birthday message should relay to your loved one that you are sorry that the birthday slipped off your mind. Photo: unsplash.com, @S O C I A L . C U T (modified by author)
Source: UGC

A tremendous happy belated birthday message should relay to your loved one that you are sorry that the birthday slipped off your mind, but you are wishing them a superb birthday. The wishes should communicate your love for them, and you can accompany your message with a gift such as a cake to crown it all.

Amazing late birthday wishes

Once you remember a forgotten birthday, do not let it just pass by. You can always wish your friend, loved one or colleague a belated birthday wish. Buy a lovely card and jot down some wishes you would love them to hear on their big day. Such special moments are reminders that they are growing older but loved and thought of!

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happy belated birthday messages
I'm sending you this message late, but it doesn't mean that I don't care about you. Photo: unsplash.com, @Carnaby Gilany (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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  • I didn't want to throw you off and send your card on time. This way, you know it's from me! Hope you had a blast.
  • I could have come up with a thousand excuses, but I just decided to plead guilty as charged. So, allow me to make it up to you! Happy late birthday!
  • A friend who wishes a happy birthday on time is not a true buddy. Happy belated birthday sweetheart! Be thankful for having a friend like me!
  • Anyone can remember your birthday, but only a true friend will remember it even after the date is gone. Happy belated birthday!
  • Belated happy birthday dear. I hope you had a fulfilling day.
  • I missed your birthday, and I am so sorry that it happened. The best part remains to be that I remembered.
  • I'm sending you this message late, but it doesn't mean that I don't care about you. You are a great part of my life.
  • For every day that I am late, I wish you extra happiness and joy in the coming year ahead. So, please accept my showers of belated birthday blessings!
  • I am so sorry I am late, and I hope it was a lovely birthday celebration! I wish you an inspiring year ahead, with many sunny days and smiling faces to light your way.
  • Happy belated birthday to a gentle old soul. I wish you peace, love, and joy on the journey ahead.
  • Happy belated birthday. It's been a pleasure watching you make your dreams come true. I know that you will achieve everything you set out to do this year. Your passion and drive are remarkable.
  • I am genuinely sorry for getting caught up in the day's business and missing out on your birthday! I hope it was a fantastic day for you, and I wish you every success and joy possible in the coming year.
  • I always try to find different ways to impress people. This time, I tried to be late wishing a happy birthday. I'm sure you're impressed!

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Great belated birthday wishes

A birthday is a special day that only comes by once a year, and so it is wise to ensure you do not forget about it. However, if you forget due to a busy schedule, you can always make up for it by sending a belated birthday wish. Here are some awesome wishes to send their way.

late birthday wishes
I hope you can forgive me for this time once and for all. Happy belated birthday! Photo: unsplash.com, @ Denis Tuksar
Source: UGC
  • I hope you can forgive me for this time once and for all. Happy belated birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to that one person who makes me happy always, who happens to be my best friend. I wish you happiness and fewer pains.
  • I'm sending this to you a bit late, but it doesn't mean that I love you less. Accept my apologies for the delay; I hope you had a wonderful day!
  • Many people wished you, loved you and gave you attention yesterday/last week. But today, I'm the one to do all these things for you. Belated happy birthday!
  • Belated happy birthday! I forgot your birthday, but the most pleasant thing is that I didn't forget you.
  • Today is your day. Wishing you a day, week, month, and year of endless possibilities and infinite happiness. Here's to all the moments yet to come. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to you! With another candle on the cake, remember that age is just a number. Please don't count the candles, but see the light they shine.
  • Good friends know that even if your birthday wish is late, it doesn't mean you're loved any less. Thanks for being such a good friend. Hope it was happy!
  • I'm glad this is late because now it's a happy surprise!
  • This birthday wish is not late; it is hundreds of days early!
  • Don't worry; I didn't miss your birthday; I just wanted to be fashionably late! Happy belated birthday.
  • Happy birthday to an understanding, patient and forgiving person. Sorry I am late. Belated happy birthday wishes to you!
  • Even though this greeting has come to you a bit late, it is full of love, positivity and good wishes. Belated happy birthday!
  • Lovely late birthday wishes for friend.
  • Hope you had a perfect time. I can't believe I forgot about this special occasion. Happy birthday!
  • It would help if you looked older than last year before you expect me to wish you a happy birthday. How else am I supposed to know it's your birthday?
  • Good news! I survived the hurricane, but your birthday card wasn't so lucky, on the other hand.
  • Please accept my apologies and my belated wishes for a Happy Birthday. Hope you had a grand celebration.

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Sweet belated happy birthday

Forgetting the birthday of a loved one is not a new thing, especially with the fast pace of life. So, when it happens, make it upon yourself to make it up to them. Celebrating a belated birthday shows your loved one that you still hold them close to your heart.

belated birthday messages
I hope you had a hilarious birthday with your friends and family. All the best for the coming year! Photo: unsplash.com, @Arno Smit (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • I hope you had a hilarious birthday with your friends and family. All the best for the coming year!
  • I value your friendship, and so, on this day, I wish you a happy belated one. Shine like the star you are!
  • I am wishing a bit late, but it doesn't mean that I love you less. Take my sorry for the delay; I really hope that you had a wonderful day!
  • Happy Birthday! You're another year older, but you will always stay young at heart. Today is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again, so treasure this moment!
  • If you were not always one step ahead of me, I'd just wish you at the right time! It's not my fault anyway. Happy belated birthday!
  • My present will be more significant because I forgot about your special day. So smile, for I know you love gifts.
  • I will throw you a second party since I missed the first one. You are important to me. Happy belated birthday.
  • Happy belated birthday to a friend who is so charming, caring, and loyal. Thanks for forgiving me every time I am late.
  • Wishing you a delighted birthday. This year, you'll achieve what you deserve, and you deserve the very best in every way! But, remember, your success depends on you.
  • Happy belated birthday dear. Life is so busy nowadays, and I'm so forgetful as always. So, I hope you're enjoying yourself a lot with your friends and family!
  • It took me some time to believe that you're getting older. But then I thought you're getting wiser too! Happy belated birthday!
  • Actually, I didn't forget your birthday; it's just that you deserve to celebrate your special; day more than once.
  • I am sorry that I missed your special day, but I'm hoping you will allow me to stretch your celebrations forward for a little longer! After all, you do shine a little bit brighter than everything else I see! All the best! Happy belated birthday!
  • I am sorry that I let the busyness of life distract me from the important things. I wish I didn't miss your birthday, but I wish you all the very best.

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Unforgettable belated birthday messages

In case you realize that your friend's birthday has just passed and you forgot to whisper a birthday wish to them, here are some messages to send their way to remind them of how special they are to you.

happy belated birthday message
Please accept my belated wishes for a Happy Birthday. I hope that you had a nice time and that your dreams come true in the year to come. Photo: unsplash.com, @Brooke Lark (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • On this day, a star was born. That bright, shining star is you! Be your best self and sparkle all of the time. Wishing you a magical birthday.
  • The biggest surprise is always the last one. Not wishing you on time was intentional. I just wanted to give you a surprise. Happy belated birthday!
  • I know you had some great times with your friends and family. I wish I could be there too. May all your dreams come true this year. Happy late birthday.
  • I know I'm a little late, but I guess that I won't be the last person to wish you the best belated birthday.
  • Your friendship is like a warm hug, giving comfort and happiness to everyone you touch. May your birthday be as special as you are!
  • It's your birthday! No mountain is too high, no river too wide, no dream is too big. This year go out and grab your goals with both hands.
  • I need a time machine to tell you, happy birthday on time. Hope you enjoyed the party.
  • I always loved the way you celebrated your birthday, and I'm so unlucky that I missed it this year.

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With the detailed happy belated birthday messages above, be sure of making someone's day special and put a smile on their face. It is always wise to send them these wishes and quotes and accompany them with a scrumptious cake baked with a lot of love.

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