How to reverse money using the Capitec App in 2024 and more

How to reverse money using the Capitec App in 2024 and more

Capitec Bank is a leading digital retail bank in South Africa with over 18 million clients and many branches across the country. It allows its clients to bank anywhere and anytime through its innovative banking solution known as Global One. Capitec prides itself on providing everyone with access to simple, personalized, and affordable banking. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to reverse money using Capitec App.

how to reverse money using capitec app
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Reversing money is a common practice across different South African banking institutions. Over time, the introduction of mobile banking applications has enabled customers in unfortunate situations to apply for refunds through their banks. One such bank that affords customers this feature is Capitec.

How to reverse money using Capitec App

Honest mistakes, such as mixing up numbers or punching in the wrong details, happen to the best of us, and Capitec customers will be happy to know that there are chances that their money can be reversed in instances such as these.

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This is also crucial if you suspect that your account was illegally accessed. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to reverse money using Capitec App.

  1. Open your Capitec Mobile Banking App.
  2. From the options listed, select transact.
  3. After that, click on Debit Orders.
  4. Enter your remote pin.
  5. Select the transaction whose money you want to reverse from your transaction history.
  6. Provide a reason for reversing your money.
  7. Accept the terms and conditions, then click submit.

How do you reverse an EFT payment on the Capitec App?

An electronic funds transfer (EFT) is a digital movement of funds from a sender’s account to a recipient’s account. Different banking institutions allow their customers to transfer funds for various reasons.

However, limits to these transfers apply. According to sources, Capitec has urged customers to be cautious when making electronic funds transfers (EFTs), as funds electronically transferred by mistake will not be refunded.

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However, if a transfer was done fraudulently, customers can apply for a refund using the Capitec mobile banking app. The process to be followed is the same as the one already mentioned above.

How do I reverse a cash transfer using Capitec’s cellphone banking?

how to reverse money using capitec app not debit order
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It is not possible to reverse a cash transfer using Capitec’s cellphone banking as the transaction details will not reflect on your banking app. Thus, tracking the transaction in question is not possible.

In situations like these, receiving assistance is close to impossible. Customers can, however, visit a branch near them with the cash transfer receipt to check if they can be assisted.

How long do you have to reverse a payment with Capitec?

Payments disputed within 40 days, such as those involving the process of how to reverse money using Capitec app, can be reversed in a few working days if they meet the set criteria. However, processing those lodged after 40 days can take a bit longer.

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Can you reverse a debit order with Capitec?

Debit orders can be reversed with Capitec, but the conditions governing debit order reversals are strict and must be adhered to.

Primarily, a debit order is understood to be a commitment between a customer and a third party to take an agreed monthly amount from their bank account to cover the costs of products such as a DSTV subscription, clothing accounts, funeral policies, loans and many others. Capitec customers must be aware that the reasons for disputing debit orders are:

  • Your Capitec banking app was used without your knowledge.
  • Being billed more than once for online purchases.
  • If you made a payment error.
  • Or you were misled into making a payment.

It is imperative to note that should a customer dispute a valid debit order, unfortunate circumstances will likely result. These include being handed over for bad debt, difficulty entering into other agreements, a cancelled insurance policy, and unpaid instalments.

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How to reverse money using Capitec App not debit order

how to reverse money using capitec app
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Unfortunately, an option to reverse money that is not a debit order is unavailable on the Capitec App. Customers can visit Capitec branches nearest to them for assistance. Alternatively, you can call the Capitec reverse payment contact number on 086 010 2043, and a customer care representative will call you back.

Can I reverse a payment with Capitec?

Once you have made a payment, it cannot be cancelled or reversed. If you have made an incorrect payment or a mistake when paying a bill, you will have to get in touch with the service provider directly.

The process on how to reverse money using Capitec App is fast and easy. Capitec customers, in the circumstances stipulated by the bank, can have debit orders or EFTs that were transferred without their knowledge reversed. While this is possible, customers are advised to be cautious with their login details or when sending money.

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