RocoMamas menu and prices in South Africa (updated for 2024)

RocoMamas menu and prices in South Africa (updated for 2024)

Founded in July 2013, RocoMamas is one of the fastest-growing and trendiest restaurants in South Africa. It has penetrated the fast food market and garnered a loyal following, especially burger enthusiasts. From funky decor to a unique rock 'n roll vibe, the RocoMamas menu is the icing on the cake for a cheesy treat, and these details about the prices in South Africa in 2024 will come in handy when making your order.

RocoMamas menu and price in 2024
Snippets of some of RocoMamas menu items. Photo: @Somerset Mall and @Cyprus Eats (modified by author)
Source: Facebook


Are you looking for a personalised dining experience that caters to your cravings? RocoMamas menu 2024 offers a wide array of options for diverse tastebuds and ages. Go through this article as it debunks it.

How much does a meal cost at RocoMamas?

RocoMamas South Africa's menu comprises starters, main meals, desserts and drinks. These updated details about RocoMamas menu and prices in 2024 also include combos and unique options to try out, how to order and where the branches are situated.

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Does RocoMamas have chicken burgers?

RocoMamas burgers
RocoMamas burgers and fries. Photo: @RocoMamas (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

The brand has the chicken club burger as one of the burger variants in the RocoMamas menu. These are the other burger options you can choose from and their prices:

Burger variantPrice
Old skool burger R65
Classic cheeseburger R85
Rockstar burger R95
Cheese + Bacon burger R99
Mushroom swizz burger R99
Bacon cheez guac R99
Slacker burgerR99
Chilli cheez bomb burgerR99
Double cheese R99
Chicken club burgerR75
Slawdaddy burgerR85
Feta cheese bomb R99
Schnitz & shroom R99


RocoMamas combos
RocoMamas combo dishes. Photo: @RocoMamas (Rosebank) (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Combo dishes comprise wings and pork ribs. These are the options available and the RocoMamas South Africa prices in 2024.

Combo dishPrice
4 Wings and 250 grams of pork ribsR145
8 wings and 500 grams of pork ribs R275
12 wings and 500 grams of pork ribs R295

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Pork ribs

The franchise also serves pork ribs. If you are specific about having pork ribs, these are the prices for the different quantities.

Pork ribs dishPrice
1/4 kg pork ribs R279
1/2 kg pork ribs R189
3/4 kg pork ribs R279

Chicken wings

RocoMamas menu items
A portion of RocoMamas chicken wings. Photo: @RocoMamas (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

The franchise stands out for its tasty chicken wings. These are the RocoMamas prices for chicken wings, depending on their quantities.

Number of chicken wingsPrice
4 wings R49
8 wings R96
12 wings R142


RocoMamas bombs
RocoMamas bombs. Photo: @RocoMamas (Rosebank) (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Bombs are among the newest additions to the RocoMamas menu. They come in diverse flavours and are priced as tabulated below.

Bomb flavourPrice
Chilli bombs (3) R36
Feta bombs (3) R36
Jalapeno bombs (3) R36
Mixed bombs (3) R36
Chilli bombs (6) R69
Feta bombs (6) R69
Jalapeno bombs (6) R69
Mixed bombs (6) R69
Chilli bombs (9) R99
Feta bombs (9) R99
Jalapeno bombs (9) R99
Mixed bombs (9) R99

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Salads and sides

RocoMamas prices
Two RocoMamas salad bowls. Photo: @RocoMamas (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

RocoMamas salads are the way to go if you are specific about eating healthy. These are the variants available and their prices.

Village Greek salad R36
Spicy slaw (with bacon) R49
Spicy slaw R39
Chicken Caesar salad (with bacon) R115
Southern fried chicken strips R69
Hot southern fried chicken strips R79
Hot rocopopsR49
Village Greek salad (with feta) R45


RocoMamas is known for its diverse ways of preparing fries. These are the variants available and their prices.

Regular shoestring R30
Large shoestringR45
Fries to share R60
Thick cut fries R36
Regular sweet potato fries R35
Large sweet potato fries R50

Turbo-charged cheese fries

Do you love cheesy fries? If so, turbo-charged cheese fries come in two portions and flavours as priced below:

Cheesy friesPrice
Regular cheesy fries R45
Large cheesy fries R59
Regular chilli cheese fries R45
Large chilli cheese friesR59

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Kid rock

RocoMamas' kid rock section is dedicated to kids under 12 years old. The options and portions are friendly to kids, although anyone can order from the section. Tabulated below is a snippet of the RocoMamas kid rock section.

Kid rockPrice
Kid rock roadster burger (with fries) R59
Kid rock roadster cheeseburger (with fries) R65
Kid rock ribs and fries R89
Kid rock chicken strips and friesR49

Full waffles

RocoMamas prices in South Africa
RocoMamas dessert options. Photo: @RocoMamas (modified y author)
Source: Facebook

The RocoMamas menu has a dessert section with sweet treats to satisfy your cravings. The RocoMamas waffles come in these flavours, and these are their prices:

Waffle flavourPrice
Large Nutella waffle R86
Large cookies and scream waffle R75
Large maple and vanilla waffleR65

Half waffles

If you are not a sweet tooth, there is an option for you to enjoy a smaller portion of the waffles. These are the options from the half waffles sections:

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Waffles flavourPrice
Regular Nutella waffle R56
Regular cookies and scream waffle R50
Regular maple and vanilla waffleR45


RocoMamas shakes
RocoMamas milkshake options. Photo: @RocoMamas (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Besides the main meals, the Rocomamas drinks menu provides the following variants, depending on your preferred flavours and quantities. For instance, the franchise offers milkshakes called g-shakes, which is the milkshake RocoMamas menu in 2024.

G-shake flavourPrice
Oreo g-shakeR47
Butter toffee g-shake R47
Espresso g-shakeR47
Bubblegum g-shake R47
Strawberry g-shake R47
Blueberry g-shake R47
Belgian chocolate g-shake R47
Peanut butter g-shake R47
Cookie dough g-shakeR47
Salted caramel g-shakeR47

Bos ice tea

The franchise is also known for Bos ice tea. The RocoMamas Bos ice tea comes in three flavours whose prices are tabulated below:

Bos ice teaPrice
Bos ice tea lemon R33
Bos ice tea apple R33
Bos ice tea peachR33


The franchise also stocks sodas. These are the flavours available and their prices:

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Soda flavourPrice
Coca Cola (300 ml) R30
Coca Cola Zero (300 ml)R29
Crome Soda (300 ml) R30
Fanta Orange (300 ml) R30
Sprite (300 ml) R30
Sprite Zero (300 ml)R29


RocoMamas also stocks freshly squeezed juice. These are the three flavours of juice whose prices are tabulated below:

Juice flavourPrice
Apple juiceR30
Orange juiceR30
Cranberry juiceR30

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are another option on the menu. Grab any flavour of these energy drinks at your nearest RocoMamas branch in South Africa:

Energy drink flavoursPrice
Red bull R38
Red bull sugar freeR38
Red bull watermelonR38
Red bull apricot and strawberryR38


RocoMamas also stocks water. Get it in these two variants if you are keen on healthier options.

Still water (500 ml)R24
Sparkling water (500 ml) R24


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Try out the RocoMamas tisers. These are the two flavours stocked in 2024:

Appletiser R40
Red grapetiser R40

RocoMamas specials today prices

Apart from the fast food dishes RocoMamas is known for, the franchise has unique combos with cheesy names. Outlined below are what they consist of and their prices.

Special comboPrice
Explo'zle (RocoMayo, SFC Breast, Bacon, Jalapeño Bomb, Maple Flavoured Syrup, Chilli Mayo, Chilli Fire) R79
Bombliss (RocoMayo, Beef Smash, Cheddar, RocoSalsa, Corn Kernels, Nachos Bomb, Smoked Mayo.) R193
Grenade (RocoMayo, Beef Smash, Emmental Cheese, Caramelised Onion, Feta BombR99

What is the three-course meal special at RocoMamas?

RocoMamas triple treat
RocoMamas triple treat. Photo: @RocoMamas (modified by author)
Source: Twitter

In 2023, RocoMamas had a 3-course meal special, perfect for dates. It comprised a starter, the main meal and a dessert.

How many RocoMamas are there in South Africa?

As of February 2024, there are 107 RocoMamas branches in the world. Eighty-five outlets are in South Africa, distributed across South Africa's nine provinces. Find the nearest restaurant depending on your location:

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How to order from RocoMamas

You can walk into your closest RocoMamas branch. Alternatively, you can order on the RocoMamas app or call for delivery. Ordering online earns you loyalty points redeemable when placing orders on the app.

RocoMamas contact details

For inquiries, contact the franchise through these contact platforms:

Is RocoMamas owned by Spur?

In 2015, Spur Corporation bought 51% shares in RocoMamas Franchise Co. The majority stake in the franchise was valued at R27 million.

If you have been longing to try the franchise, these RocoMamas menu prices offer a better idea of what to expect. Its inclusivity caters to diverse crowds with different taste buds and cravings.

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