Netcare paramedic course fees, requirements, application, courses for 2024

Netcare paramedic course fees, requirements, application, courses for 2024

Netcare is one of the biggest private emergency and healthcare institutions that provide top-notch services to their esteemed customers. The organisation also has a system that helps train some brilliant medical health practitioners. It is important to know about the Netcare paramedic course fees if you are hoping to obtain a degree from the array of courses they offer.

Netcare paramedic
If you are interested in emergency medical care, the Netcare paramedic course is a great option for you. Photo: @Netcare Limited (modified by author)
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If you are interested in learning the intricacies of becoming a health practitioner from the organisation, you must be willing to pay the Netcare paramedic course fees. The tuition may be a few hundred rands or thousands, depending on your area of interest; they have a conducive environment and high-grade facilities that make it easy to render the type of quality they are always offering.

Netcare paramedic course fees in 2024

The financial cost of undergoing Netcare paramedic training in South Africa varies from one course to another. For example, the Netcare nursing college fees per annum are quite different from what you would pay if midwifery is what you have in mind.

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Below is a breakdown of how much it costs to learn under the Netcare educational system.

Tuition fees for self-funding students

Undergraduate and short programmesTuition fee
Higher Certificate in Nursing: AuxiliaryR57,325
Diploma in Nursing: General Nurse 1st yearR64,480
Diploma in Nursing: General Nurse 2nd yearR64,480
Diploma in Nursing: General Nurse 3rd year R64,480
In Service Certificate programmes (6 months)R25,920
Three-month short coursesR12,960
e-Learning course (3 months)R4,000
Post Graduate Diplomas 68 000R68,000

Module fees per semester

Higher Certificate in Nursing (Regulation 169)R57,325
Diploma in Nursing (Regulation 171)R64,480

Higher Certificate in Nursing extension fees

Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing (Regulation 169)R11,024
Diploma in Nursing 1st year of 3 years (Regulation 171)R6,090
Diploma in Nursing 2nd year of 3 years (Regulation 171)R1,323 and R6,448
Diploma in Nursing 3rd year of 3 years (Regulation 171)R1,254 and R2,866

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Extension of education and training fees for short programmes

Students enrolled in informal programmes who undergo an extension of their education and training due to academic reasons will incur additional fees. For all 6-month programmes, you will pay R4,000 per additional three months, totalling R12,000.

Fees for day programmes (continued professional development)

Day programmeTotal fee
1-day programmeR550
2-day programmeR1,100
3-day programmeR1,650
4-day programmeR2,200
5-day programmeR2,750

Before paying the Netcare paramedic course fees, there are vital points you should note, including the following:

  • The fees already include the payment for the necessary study materials.
  • The fee does not include purchasing required textbooks for whatever programme you subscribe to.
  • You will have to foot the bill for the cost of your resource centre, uniforms, and other miscellaneous expenses that may appear in the course of learning.
  • The fee you are paying already includes your tuition fee, which comes with a value-added tax.
  • It will cost you R200 to replace your missing resource centre or student means of identification, so you may want to guard those well.

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Netcare education paramedic requirements

Below are some of the requirements to beat during the application process:

  • A good grasp of written and spoken English.
  • Valid means of identifying yourself as a South African.
  • Be a citizen of South Africa.
  • Submit copies of certified qualifications.
  • Submit a letter that explains the motivation behind your application for the position of a student under the tutelage of the Netcare Learnership for paramedics.
  • Provide a resumé of all necessary qualifications that you possess.
  • Have a valid South African driver's license where it is applicable.

Application process

Netcare paramedics
Netcare paramedic offers various short and undergraduate courses. Photo: @Careers SA (modified by author)
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To be admitted to the Netcare paramedic course, you must complete the following application process.

  • Fill out an application form and submit it to the OLG alongside your Grade 12 Certificate, proof of deposit payment, and copy of certified means of identification;
  • Show up for assessment and get a message to that effect, but also contact the office of the OLG by phone to confirm receipt. Go for the assessment at any of the following Open learning group centres: Cape Town , Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria or Port Elizabeth.
  • Scoring above 80% in all of the assessment sessions will mean acceptance to study at the Netcare Education Nursing Programme.
  • Scoring above 50% but less than 80% will only make you eligible for the Netcare Education Designate programme, which is usually on for eight months. On completion, you may advance to the Netcare Education Nursing Programme.
  • Anything under 50% makes you ineligible for admission into any of the school's programmes.

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NB: You must go to the centre with a pen and calculator.

What courses does Netcare offer?

Below are some of the paramedics courses that you can study as a student at Netcare Learnership:

  • Emergency and critical care
  • Nursing and Ancillary Healthcare
  • Maternity Nursing
  • Trauma and emergency nursing
  • Child Nursing
  • Orthopaedic Nursing
  • Anaesthetic and recovery room nursing
  • Operating room skills
  • Pediatric Cardiothoracic Nursing
  • Infection prevention and control nursing

Postgraduate courses

  • Ambulance Emergency Assistant Refresher Course
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • AHA Airway Management Programmes
  • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
  • Basic Ambulance Assistant Refresher Course
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Experienced Providers
  • AHA ECG and Pharmacology Programme

If you want to learn for between one and two months, then short learning programmes like primary healthcare, HIV/AIDS and TB management, and Anesthesiology are available.

Which course is best for paramedic?

Netcare paramedic maintain hygiene
Netcare paramedic course fees are affordable. Photo: @Netcare Limited (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Several courses are important if you are hoping to become a paramedic. You can opt to go for emergency and critical care or infection prevention and control nursing.

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How long is a paramedic course in South Africa?

Studying a paramedic course may range from a few months to a couple of years, depending on what you are planning to learn.

Where can you study to become a paramedic in Cape Town?

Centres like the College of Emergency Care and ER24 Training Academy train students.

How much is a paramedic course in Pretoria?

The cost of a paramedic course in Pretoria can vary depending on the institution, the type of programme (diploma or degree), and the duration of the programme. It may range from R30,000 to R240,000.

What are the courses for emergency services in South Africa?

Some of the courses for emergency services in South Africa include emergency care assistant, basic ambulance assistant, emergency care technician, and intermediate life support.

The Netcare Paramedic course fees depend on what you are hoping to learn. The quality of educational services offered by the organisation is one of the best for potential healthcare personnel.

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