TV3: Naagin 1, 2, 3 and 4: cast with images, plot summary, full story, teasers

TV3: Naagin 1, 2, 3 and 4: cast with images, plot summary, full story, teasers

Naagin is a Hindu word that means female serpent. The series that airs on TV3 is a combination of the supernatural, thrill, and fantasy. The Indian-Hindi language series was produced by Ekta Kapoor through Balaji Telefilms and features five seasons.

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Naagin soap opera. Photo: @Desi71569364
Source: UGC

Naagin Indian soapie season 1 was first aired on November 1, 2015, to June 5, 2016. The second season aired from October 8, 2016, to June 2017. Season 3 was aired from June 2, 2018, to May 26, 2019. Season 4 was aired from December 14, 2019, to August 2020, and season 5 was aired from August 2020 to February 2021.

Naagin plot summary

The show is about snake shape-shifting women whose motive is vengeance for past sins committed. Throughout the seasons, these women fight evil and protect the ultimate source of power, the ‘Naagmani’, safe from evil. During Naagin 3 plot summary, Ruhi and Vikrant are about to tie the knot but their plans are ruined by Yuvraj and his friends.

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Naagin 3 casts with images

Naagin cast comprises veteran actors and upcoming Indian stars. The actors perfectly fit into their roles and dedicate themselves to giving viewers the best entertainment. Below is a list of the Naagin actors and actresses, including Naagin 3 cast:

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1. Mouni Roy as Shivangi Pratap Singh

The actress looking gorgeous on the beach. Photo: @mounirooy
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Shivangi falls in love with Yamani’s nephew, Rocky. She also manages to escape being killed and also survives a suicide attempt.

2. Sudha Chandran as Yamini Raheja

The legendary actor posing for a picture. Photo: @SudhaaChandran
Source: Twitter

Yamini is Ankush’s wife. She frames Shivanya for Ankush’s murder so that Ritik revenges his father’s murder on her. She also kills her son Ritik for trying to return the Naagmani.

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3. Pearl Puri

Pearl Puri as Mahir Sehgal. Photo: @pearlvpuri
Source: Twitter

Mahir Seghal marries Bela and the two share a kiss later. Mahir loses his memory, and Sumitra bites him, which causes him to forget Bela.

Some of the Naagin cast team's additional members include:

  • Adaa Khan as Sesha
  • Surbhi Jyoti as Bela Sehgal
  • Anita Hassanandani Reddy as Vishakha
  • Rakshanda Khan as Sumitra Anand Sehgal
  • Karanvir Bohra as Rocky Nikunj
  • Arjun Bijlani Arjun Bijlani/Rithik Ankush Raheja
  • Rajat Tokas as Vikrant
  • Swati Anand as Mansi Amar Nikhanj
  • Manish Khanna as Ankush Raheja
  • Chetan Hansraj as Andy Sehgal
  • Nia Sharma as Brinda
  • Siddharth Shivpuri as Angad Raheja

Naagin full story

The series has a total of five seasons and 329 episodes throughout. The Naagin full episodes were previously aired on Colors TV during the weekend.

Naagin Season 1

Shivanya and her cousin Shesha are the shape-shifting serpent women (ichchadhari naagins) who wish to revenge the murders of Shivanya’s parents during a failed attempt to steal the Naagmani, a magical gem.

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Shivanya marries murderer Ankush’s son, Atik, and murders his accomplices Suri, Viren, and Shailesh. Interestingly, she falls in love with Ritik, who is kind-hearted. This ordeal gives Shesha concerns regarding Shivanya’s commitment to their mission.

Ankush’s wife, Yamini, is the final murderer. She learns about Shesha and turns Atik against her. Yamini frames Shivanya for Ankush’s murder so that Ritik revenges his father’s murder on her. Despite Ritik having mixed feelings, his mother aids him to kill Shivanya using a magical knife. Ritik is also killed by his mother for trying to return the Naagmani.

Ritik and Shivanya are brought back to life by Lord Shiva. Once they come to terms, Ritik helps Shivanya to protect the Naagmani. Despite losing her power, the two succeed and kill Yamini. Unfortunately, Shesha is imprisoned by the Mahishmatis (shape-shifting bees), who attempts to steal the Naagmani. The season ends with Shivanya being pregnant.

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Naagin Season 2

Naagin full episodes
Naagin series is a combination of the supernatural, thrill, and fantasy. Photo: @revenge.saga
Source: Instagram

Twenty-five years down the line, Shivanya has a grown daughter, Shivangi. Yamini is resurrected and returns; Shesha and the Mahishmatis also make a comeback. Yamani’s nephew, Rocky, falls in love with Shivangi.

Her mother, Shivanya, hurriedly arranges their marriage to avoid her daughter becoming a naagin. However, things don’t go as planned as evildoers kill the wedding guests and stab Shivanya. The ordeal is blamed on bandits.

Shivangi manages to escape being killed and also survives a suicide attempt. She becomes a naagin and promises to protect Naagmani and get revenge on her mother. A few days later, Shivangi disrupts Shesha and Rocky’s wedding. Rocky’s mother, Yamini, makes his son marry Shivangi since she is the only one who can access and touch Naagmani.

Rocky saves Shivangi from one of her mother’s murderers, realising that Rocky is innocent. Shivangi commits murder and avenges a male serpent. Rocky comes to terms with Shivangi’s identity and that she murdered his family.

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After being imprisoned for several months, Shivangi notices that her powers are even stronger than before. Finally, she escapes imprisonment and finds out more information about her and Rocky’s families and how they were manipulated.

Yamini and Shesha lead Rocky to become a naag, and he learns the truth from another naag. However, once Shivangi and Rocky come together again, and before she could avenge, Rocky stabs her to death, apparently under Ritik’s orders.

Naagin Season 3

Naag Vikrant and naagin Ruhi reunite as lovers after a century. Vikrant and Ruhi are about to get married when Andy Sehgal’s son Yuvraj and his friends come to Haveli and attempt to rape Ruhi. In a bid to save her, Vikrant gets killed.

However, Mahir Sehgal, Andy Sehgal’s eldest son, arrives and grabs the gun, which causes Ruhi to suspect him as the murderer. This answers the question, “Is Mahir Shivangi’s son? Ruhi is devastated and swears vengeance on the murderers. Half a year later, Yuvraj is engaged to a lady called Bela. A naagin comes into the home of Seghal by pretending to be a sassy wealthy investor known as Vish Khanna. Vish kills Karan upon her arrival.

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Yuvraj is also murdered on the day of his wedding, and instead, Mahir Seghal marries Bela. Interestingly, Bela is revealed to be Ruhi, who had transformed to fulfil her vengeance. Vish is revealed to be her closest acquaintance and royal servant. Mahir and Bela start getting close, which creates confusion and hindrance for Bela to kill Mahir.

Naagin indian soapie
Naagin Indian soapie season 1 was first aired on November 1, 2015, to June 5, 2016. Photo: @immoniroyfan
Source: Instagram

The couple visits a town where Bela plans on executing her plan to kill Mahir. She also plans on killing Aditya, who has learnt of her true identity. However, she kills Daksh. Vikrant makes a comeback, and it is known that he had faked his death to obtain the Naagmani.

Bela, Vishaka, and Vikrant try to help Mahir regain his memory. However, the three are killed by Sumitra, who pushes them down the hills. Six months later, Sumitra arranges Mahir’s second marriage with a bridal party massacre.

The new bride is revealed to be Bela in disguise, and Vish and Vikrant accompany her. Bela confronts the two, and they are forced to reveal their plans. Huzoor plans to give birth to a child through Bela. However, Vish takes Bela’s identity and gets pregnant instead. She gives birth to a daughter named Taamsi, who later kills her father. More unexplained murders are committed!

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Naagin Season 4

Manyata’s daughter Nayantara waits to gain power during her 25th birthday. Instead, the powers go to Brinda, revealing that she has been switched at birth with Nayantara. Murderer Vrushali’s son Dev falls in love with Brinda.

Dev accidentally touches the Naagmani. Vish tries all means to kill Dev to get the powers. Brinda commences her revenge by killing Madhav. After Brinda knows Vish’s motives, she kills Brinda’s mother disguised as Dev to make Brinda blame Dev, which she does.

Vish then returns to the Parekh family and informs them that Brinda has escaped with Rajat. One year later, Vish releases Nayantara, and she gains a new identity as Shalaka. Dev and Shalaka get married, and Brinda plans on taking revenge on them.

Where can you watch full episodes of Naagin? The series can be watched on various online platforms such as Jio Cinema, Zee5 or for free with ads on Voot and Zee5. In addition, this site publishes Naagin teasers monthly. Watch out for more exciting teasers of the drama series.

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