eExtra's Hart van Goud cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

eExtra's Hart van Goud cast, plot summary, full story, episodes

Are you a soapie fan? The debut of Hart van Goud, dubbed Heart of Gold, eExtra's new Afrikaans novella, should excite you. The show starts on Monday, 3rd April 2023, replacing the just concluded Verdeelde Liefde. Is it worth checking out? How about a review of what to expect?

Hart van Goud Turkish series
eExtra's Hart van Goud cast plot summary, storyline, and episodes. Photo: @Hart Van Goud
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eExtra has set a reputable record as the home of fascinating TV shows which guarantee a run for your time. Will Hart van Goud match the hype? Read on to find out.

eExtra's Hart van Goud plot summary

Hart van Goud's storyline focuses on Nehir, who uses her beauty to trick men into falling in love with her. Zehir is her accomplice. She pretends to be her mother, helps conceal her tracks, and ensures her victims are non-suspicious. Will their heinous plan get exposed?

Hart van Goud's full story

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Nehir is thrust into the world's harsh reality after her parents' death; she has to fend for herself. Her life takes a different turn when she meets Zerrin. Zerrin is her gleam of hope, her Oliver Twist, although in an unfathomable manner.

Zerrin introduces Nehir to fraud, the risks involved and the handsome returns. A naive and desperate Nehir will risk it all to earn a living. Therefore, she uses her beauty and charm as her primary tools of the trade.

Nehir and Zerrin get men so interested in them that they propose marriage. They are not after getting married. Instead, they disappear after stealing the suitors' credit cards and wedding gifts. Their clients are not easy to come by, but when they do, Zerrin and Nehir ensure their returns are worth the risk.

Nehir gets tired of living on the fast lane and having to look over her shoulders constantly. She opts out and decides she is ripe enough to settle down with the guy of her choice. Therefore, she joins an online dating site, meets Nazim and immediately sparks a connection.

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After weeks of talking, Nehir proposes they exchange photos. Nazim declines because he has a wound on his face and is worried she might bail out on him. Nazim's persistence forces him to send her photos of a different person. Does Nehir know the man in the picture? Is he one of her victims? Will their relationship go on as envisioned?

eExtra's Hart van Goud cast

The show is initially in Turkish, although it has been translated into Afrikaans. If you are keen enough, you will notice specific familiar voices. These details unveil their significance to the storyline and the individuals doing the voiceovers for the cast.

Biran Damla Yilmaz as Nehir

Nehir is the Hart van Goud main cast. As the show starts, she is portrayed as a desperate young girl determined to make the best of life. Later, she decides to take a new path. She falls for someone whom she meets on a dating site. Her suitor is unsure about revealing his wounded face to her. Is this her turn to pay for the pain she caused the people she stole from defrauded? The talented Kyla Jansen voices Nehir's role.

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Hart van Goud storyline
Nehir's beauty and charm attract most of her suitors. Photo: @bdamlayilmaz (modified by author)
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Sumru Yavrucuk as Zerrin

Zerrin introduces Nahir to a scheme she has been running for ages. Even though the deal offers her a new chance at making it in life, her values challenge her to change her path in life. What will Zerrin make of her decision? Will she dispute it? Amor Tredoux voices Zerrin in the Turkish series.

Feyyaz Duman as Nazim

Nazim is a wounded gentleman hoping to find love. He opts to explore dating sites because of the comfort they promise. He matches with Nehir and immediately ignites a spark. Nehir is curious to know the man she has fallen for. What impact will Nazim sending Nehir Tarik's photo have on their relationship? How will she react when she learns of his insecurity? Keenan Herman voices Nazim's role in the show.

Hart van Goud characters
Nazim is insecure about the wound on his face. Photo: @duman_feyyaz
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Burak Yörük as Tarik

Tarik is Nazim's friend and colleague, although they cross paths, and the altercation leaves a bitter taste in Tarik's mouth. A desperate Nazim asks him for help with Nehir, and Tarik takes advantage of the situation to get back at him. He forms a connection with Nehir, and when he realises it, it is too late to change everything. He devises a plan to make her fall for the real Nazim. Conradie van Heerden plays Tarik's role in Hart van Goud.

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Hart van Goud song
Tarik tricks Nehir into falling in love with him. Photo: @burakyoruks (modified by author)
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Iman Casablanca as Zahra

Zahra is unimpressed to learn that Nehir is falling for Tarik. She resents Tarik for not fulfilling his end of the bargain. What is she plotting? Hannah Borthwick voices Zahra's role in the show.

Hart van Goud's characters

These are the other cast members in the show, their roles and the people voicing their roles:

  • Mesut Yilmaz as Ismet and voiced by Wian Zeeman
  • Tuna Orhan as Ekrem and voiced by Christo Snyman
  • Samil Kafkas as Halil and voiced by Gordon van der Spuy
  • Batuhan Bozkurt Yüzgüleç as Ibrahim and voiced by Jumaine Hansen
  • Sabriye Kara as Tulay and played by Susanne Beyers
  • Irem Tuncer as Fulya and voiced by Anoecha Kruger
  • Samil Kafkas as Halit and voiced by Gordon van der Spuy
  • Gizem Karaca as Bahar and played by Emma Kotze
  • Pinar Akin as Azra and voiced by Shannon Williams

Hart van Goud episodes

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Hart van Goud episodes premier on eExtra on Mondays to Fridays at 20h30.

Hart van Goud promises a thrilling experience every evening on Mondays to Fridays. You cannot afford to miss the twisted plot featuring the most talented figures. Tune in to eExtra to catch the show.

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