Cape Town Woman's Vintage Toyota Ride Takes TikTok by Storm: "A Lady With Good Taste"

Cape Town Woman's Vintage Toyota Ride Takes TikTok by Storm: "A Lady With Good Taste"

  • A young South African woman's TikTok video showcasing her vintage Toyota has gone viral, sparking joy and nostalgia among viewers
  • Despite the initial anticipation, viewers embraced the woman's unique choice, commending her for holding onto a classic with timeless style
  • The video has not only garnered positive comments but also sparked interest in owning a vintage Toyota
woman shows off her old school Toyota
A woman impressed many online with her vintage Toyota. Image: @berdina950
Source: TikTok

A young South African woman from Cape Town has gone viral on TikTok after revealing her unexpected ride in a charmingly old-school Toyota car. The video, which has garnered millions of views and likes, has sparked a wave of joy and nostalgia among viewers.

Woman shows off vintage Toyota

In the now-viral video, the woman first shows a photo of herself, leaving viewers in suspense about the car she's about to reveal. The anticipation builds until she finally pans the camera to her beloved Toyota.

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While the car may not be the latest model or the flashiest ride on the road, the unique charm and vintage vibes have captivated viewers. The woman proudly displays her car, highlighting its classic design and timeless style.

Mzansi loves her ride

Instead of the usual mockery or negativity that often comes with revealing old cars online, the woman's video has been met with overwhelming positivity and support. Netizens have showered her with comments expressing their admiration for her ride and its unique character.

Samieg Schuller commented:

"Nice... Just need a pair of expensive wheels."

chriscross@444 replied:

" you are the real deal... plus it's dropped."

Patrizio Matthys commented:

"Ooof, she be a classy girl. Respect ."

Bolla_Tops said:

"My dream car.. A lady with good taste."

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ItsJustEnzo said:

"She won this trend hands-free."

Isaac Mlinda commented:

"Toyota deff."

Brix85 said:

"Can I have that car please please?"

Unroadworthy Toyota Corolla cruising on highway baffles Mzansi

In another story, Briefly News reported that TikTok users can't get over a video of a partially demolished Toyota that was cruising down the highway without falling apart.

The silver car had clearly been in a near-catastrophic collision and was miraculously functioning, with no traffic officers or warning signs posted on or around the unroadworthy vehicle.

The nine-second video was filmed from another vehicle on the road and it looked ok from the rear, but that was until the vehicle overtook. That's when the full extent of the damage was revealed.

Source: Briefly News

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