Tyres, Fuel and Installments: 5 South Africans Who Regretted Their Whips

Tyres, Fuel and Installments: 5 South Africans Who Regretted Their Whips

  • Buying a car is not as simple as ABC, one has to consider a lot of factors before making the final decision
  • A person has to look at their financial stability and ask themselves if they are going to afford the car in the long run, the parts, installments, and parts
  • Many people have found themselves in a bitter position because of carelessness in making the move without thinking it through
The petrol prices, installments and car parts are all the things one has to consider before buying a vehicle.
Many people have found themselves regretting their decision for buying cars due to different factors. Images: @RapidEye, @Shaunl, @Supachai Panyaviwat
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The exciting feeling of buying a car is unmatched. However, many people fail to think thoroughly about buying one, and as a result, they find themselves in a corner and even have to return it to the store.

The installments may look cheap in the books, but one has to thoroughly evaluate one's financial position before proceeding to buy a vehicle. This includes looking at the ever-soaring petrol prices and expensive car parts. We look at five people who regretted their choice to buy a car.

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Man cries about BMW SUV X5 tyres price

@reubs1979 took to his TikTok account to share his cries. Upon research, his car does not go less than a million. Unfortunately, its parts go deep in the pocket simply because the car is one of a kind. One could tell by its features and price. According to our research, a BMW X5 tyre does not go lower than R5k.

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Man shook by high fuel prices

The gent found himself reminiscing about old prices. He said he used to get a full tank for just R600. TiK ToK @samkelo_78 showed his car's full tank, hitting almost R 1 000. The price difference struck a nerve with those who saw the video.

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A woman returns Mazda says it was a bad financial decision

@potso_wabokarabo went on TikTok to share her beautiful Mazda car being collected by a tow truck after struggling to keep up with paying for it. Although a very bitter moment for Potsiso, many netizens responded with supportive comments, commending her for boldly letting go of the financial burden instead of forcing matters to avoid the shame of having a car repossessed.

Luxury car being repossessed served as a wake-up call to SA peeps

Ntsako Walter posted a clip showing a BMW being towed away online. The post quickly went viral as many South Africans felt they could relate. Peeps on TikTok sympathised with the man and offered words of encouragement. Some shared stories about their repossession experiences, while others took the opportunity to share some advice on financial management.

Man fought repo guys taking back his Mercedes-Benz AMG

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The Limpopo guy failed to pay his installments. A video of the repossession was posted on social media. The man reportedly argued with the official before the two got physical with each other. The repo man can be heard saying the bank notified the motorist to turn in the car, but he refused.

Man says R670k good price for a second-hand car

In another story, Briefly News reported about a gentleman who said R670k was a fair price for a second-hand 2016 NMW M2.

Twitter user @JosiahThobejane shared pictures of a low-mileage 2016 MBW M2 that is selling for R670k. The fact that it was classified as Category B was enough to have netizens running. According to the comments, this means that the car has a whole bunch of problems that will end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Source: Briefly News

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