Cape Town Woman's Stunning Kitchen Renovation on TikTok, SA Wowed

Cape Town Woman's Stunning Kitchen Renovation on TikTok, SA Wowed

  • A lady took to social media to unveil how she transformed her kitchen, and the results were stunning
  • She shared the renovation with her followers on TikTok, showing them the before and after look
  • The online community were amazed at how the TikTok user was able to achieve such a remarkable transformation

A woman from Cape Town showcased how she transformed her kitchen at R1000, which left peeps in awe.

A TikTok video shows a woman unveiling her stunning kitchen.
A lady from Cape Town showed off her stunning renovated kitchen on TikTok. Image:@authenticmom
Source: TikTok

Woman shows off kicten tranfomation

A video posted by @authenticmom on TikTok shows the lady's kitchen from before and after. @authenticmom 's kitchen before it had a marble island with a white cupboard which had glass windows. As the video progresses, she unveils how she changed her kitchen with a beautiful yet simple interior design. Her kitchen was renovated, and she removed the marble island and replaced it with a white wooden island.

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The woman went to TikTok and revealed that she would extend her kitchen in the next few years. She also stated that they wrapped their countertops with vinyl and spray-painted them.

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"We will extend our kitchen in the next two years but also wanted a change. We wrapped our counters tops with vinyl and spray painted and used epoxy on our sink. The tap was bought second-hand," she wrote on TikTok.

Take a look at the woman's stunning kitchen below:

Peeps love the woman's kitchen

The video of the lady's kitchen received over 63K views, thousands of likes and many comments.

Shameelahisaacs said:

"I’m here for details I think they just made changes same cupboards etc, just the top and basin etc."

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sharonmuller671 added:

"Stunning. Are Cost the correct."

User said:

"Yoh it's beautiful."

Charmain Gordon wrote:

"I love it."

Mrs H loved the lady's kitchen, saying:

"Thanks for this great idea!"

Woman shows off her gorgeous renovated kitchen

Briefly News previously reported on a woman who showed off her upgraded kitchen. @_shenayb shared a video of the before and after renovation of her kitchen.

Before, the kitchen looked dim. After renovations, it looked bright, and the modern touch looked stunning.

Source: Briefly News

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