Spanish Man Hilariously Fails 'Tshwala Bam' Challenge, Cracks Up the Internet on TikTok

Spanish Man Hilariously Fails 'Tshwala Bam' Challenge, Cracks Up the Internet on TikTok

  • A young man decided to share a video of his attempt at the trending Tshwala Bam dance challenge
  • A TikTok video by @arjen.spittael shows him trying to pull off the complex dance moves to the amapiano song
  • Although his rhythm and moves were amiss, many netizens were left amused and entertained
A man from Spain tried the viral Tshwala Bam dance challenge on TikTok
Arjen showed his attempt at the complex Tshwala Bam dance challenge, but it resulted in a funny fail. Image: @arjen.spittael
Source: Instagram

The viral Tshwala Bam dance challenge has taken social media by storm, and one Spanish gent did not want to miss out on the action.

Man attempts Tshwala Bam challenge

TikTokker Arjen (@arjen.spittael) posted a video showing his attempt at doing the trendy dance to the Tshwala Bam amapiano track, and it did not turn out as he'd expected.

The man is standing before the camera as he waits for the beat to drop before pulling off the complex arm and lower body dance moves.

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LOL. Unfortunately, his routine needs work, but at least he can laugh at his failed attempt.

"Yeah let’s never do that again shall we," Arjen joked.

Man's Tshwala Bam routine has SA amused

The video sparked humour among many entertained netizens who responded to the post with funny comments poking fun at Arjen's failed Tshwala Bam dance challenge.

Tiffany replied:

"You got to add your feet to the equation. It may look like a shoulder shim, but it’s a full-body dance… good luck."


"Ngishade Ngizokfundisa."

Karen Cortes said:

"Your face, you were ready!."

bella commented:

"The realisation LMAOOOOOOOOO."

Karinaa wrote:

"At least you looked good trying ."

Olabisi replied:

"He said shimmy."

Chancellor K commented:

"The beat was chasing you, but you were faster ."

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Chewbacca said:

"Sir - you doing the Harlem shake with some salt ."

SA high schoolers slay 'Tswala Bam' challenge

In another story, Briefly News reported that two high school friends joined the Tshwala Bam dance challenge craze.

Their infectious energy and synchronicity make for a performance you won't want to miss.

Their effortless execution of the viral moves captivated people across Mzansi. The duo lit screens up with infectious energy and facial expressions while slaying the dance.

Source: Briefly News

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