Mzansi Man's Pay Slip Goes Viral: R8k Deductions Leave Him With Less Than R500 of His Salary

Mzansi Man's Pay Slip Goes Viral: R8k Deductions Leave Him With Less Than R500 of His Salary

  • A South African man on TikTok shared his payslip showing his salary deductions
  • The viral post showed how he was left with only R464 after deductions worth R8 978
  • The video sparked debate online, with some questioning the high deductions and others offering financial advice

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A South African man on TikTok shared his payslip deductions on TikTok
A man's salary deductions baffled many netizens at how much of his earnings he lost. Image: @ontiretse93riet
Source: Getty Images

A Mzansi man took to social media to show how he was left with less than R500 of his net salary on his pay slip after deductions.

Man's R8K salary deductions go viral

A TikTok video by user @ontiretse93rie shows an image of the pay slip with numerous deductions, such as UIF, PAYE, insurance, garnishees, a home loan, and medical aid.

His total deductions were R8 978, leaving him with a net salary of R464,40.

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SA weighs in on man's finances

The video sparked confusion and curiosity from many netizens who wanted to understand the man's payslip and how he ended up with so many deductions that left him nearly nothing to survive on.

Others responded with helpful advice on better managing his debt and finances.

duduzile_mfusi asked:

"Why do companies make it a compulsory thing to have medical aid?"

Sandile_Dladler said:

"People's obsession with Medical Aid always leaves them wondering why my things move so quickly in life while they are struggling ." wrote:

"Try to get a side hustle; otherwise, you'll forever complain. Askies dear, that's how I got out of a financial crisis. You are not alone."

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Zulu Rogers Alberto III said:

"What are these debit orders ekadosini?? That sounds like a clan ‍♂️."

Essai commented:

"Try consolidating your debt to free up cash flow. It is a struggle, but this too shall pass."

LJ commented:

"Cancel medical aid. Finish paying those loans. The garnish is for another debt or maintenance?"

Zithulele Sibusiso wrote:

"‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️, Some of us went through this situation, but we managed to survive and come back. So sorry Sir."

HlauliG commented:

"Cancel medical aid government ikhona."

Mzansi in outrage over meagre R2 500 law firm job offer salary

In another story, Bruefly News reported that a woman was gobsmacked after seeing a job post offering a meagre salary of R2 500.

A TikTik video by @bantu_womann shows the woman commenting on a job post shared by a small attorney firm looking for a young individual interested in studying law.

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The post also explains that the applicant must undertake various tasks within the law firm and be fluent in English and Afrikaans for a small salary of R2 500 a month.

Source: Briefly News

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