Mzansi Woman Unhappy About homeware bargain of just under R1K at PEP

Mzansi Woman Unhappy About homeware bargain of just under R1K at PEP

  • A woman showed off her bargain at PEP on TikTok after buying 16 items for less than R1K but complained that she had no money for groceries
  • The woman amazed many social media users with the low prices at PEP after sharing her bill
  • PEP has always prided itself on being affordable, which netizens pointed out

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A woman on TikTok shared her exciting bargain with her followers.

A woman regrets homeware bargain at PEP.
A Mzansi woman showed off her new affordable homeware from PEP. Image: miss_pumza
Source: TikTok

On a quest to glamourise her home, Pumza headed over to PEP to shop for some fantastic items.

Aesthetics are everything

Social media has highlighted the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing home, but it is costly. To have a conventionally attractive home, one has to reach deep into one's pockets to pay for the glitz and glam.

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Pumza knew a great spot to shop for all of her beautiful pieces, so she brought her TikTok followers along. She quickly stopped at PEP and eyed sixteen pieces that best fit her home.

Watch video below:

Glitz and Glam on a budget

Pumza defied the norm of enjoying a luxurious life only when your pockets got heavier by exchanging her piggy bank change for her desired homeware. The cheapest item is a shot glass valued at R4.50.

What Pumza got:

  • A big glass jar
  • A small glass jar
  • A transparent container
  • A shot glass
  • A laundry storage rack
  • A broom and dust collector
  • Spoons
  • Soft touch pages
  • Bowls
  • Scouring pad
  • Soap containers
  • Sheer curtain
  • Fitted sheet
  • Light by
  • A mirror

Although this looks and sounds like a great deal, Pumza complained that it might be pricey because she went over her budget.

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Pumza’s reaction to her splurge is funny as she says:

“I have been shocked since because now I have no money for groceries."

The video attracted 44 shares , 3 comments, and 368 likes."

Life’s better with PEP

Briefly News reported on a lady who took to social media to reveal various things South Africans could purchase from PEP Home for under R1 000. In the video, she showcased all the items she bought from the store, which impressed the peeps. Social media users love the lady's content and thanked the stunner for the plug as they rushed to her comments section.

Source: Briefly News

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