“Hogwarts Wants You to Join”: Student Says Village People Sent Owl to Check on Him, SA Cracks Jokes

“Hogwarts Wants You to Join”: Student Says Village People Sent Owl to Check on Him, SA Cracks Jokes

  • A TikTok video captured the moment an owl entered through a window of a residence's communal kitchen
  • The student who posted the video shared that he believed it was the people from his village who sent the bird to check on him
  • People cracked up in the comment section and shared what they would have done in the situation

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A student believes people from his village sent an owl to check up on him.
A student shared his belief that his village people sent an owl to his residence to check on him. Images: @namzo48 / TikTok, Wim Hoek / Getty Images
Source: UGC

A university student shared a video of an owl entering his residence, believing it to have been sent by people from his village.

The young man shared the short clip of the nocturnal bird entering through the window of a communal kitchen at Saratoga Village (a student residence near the University of Johannesburg) to his TikTok account (@namzo48).

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In the video, viewers see the owl perched on the window sill and a man (not verified as @namzo48) backing away from the bird. The guy then walks around the kitchen table, passing the owl, which flies towards the cameraperson, who closes a room door.

@namzo48 captioned his video:

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"POV: When your village people come to check up on you at varsity."

Watch the funny video below:

Online users find humour in the student-owl interaction

Hundreds filled @namzo48's comment section with laughs and comical perspectives from the bird.

@_sssweetie_ told people:

"This owl is suspicious because out of all the open spaces in the kitchen, it decided to come straight to the room."

@xpectaculur humorously wrote to the student:

"Take it seriously, bro. This one is from a hater in the village."

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@leratorethabilekh shared what they would have done in the situation above:

"I would go to my grandmother, effective immediately."

@blondiebenedict threw out a Harry Potter reference:

"Don't stress. Hogwarts wants you to join their school."

@hesha_ruya88 joked in the comments:

"That guy is just pretending to be afraid of it. It’s his."

Hilarious video shows student's encounter with a baboon

In a related article, Briefly News reported about a man who left many people in laughter after he shared a video of a baboon at a student accommodation.

The footage shared by @jayticgundo on TikTok shows the baboon standing on the window trying to get out of the res. The young man tried directing the baboon while confidently teasing the animal.

The baboon turned around and followed the man, alarming the student. He quickly closed the door to his room, but the animal's paw was stuck, which frightened the man.

Source: Briefly News

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