Twins Sisters Smear Yoghurt in Car’s Backseat, TikTok Video Amuses SA

Twins Sisters Smear Yoghurt in Car’s Backseat, TikTok Video Amuses SA

  • In a TikTok video, two children got up to no good after getting a treat to eat from their doting mother
  • Many people were thoroughly amused by the children in the video showing they got up to no good
  • Netizens could not help but gush over the adorable children who got super messy while eating in the car

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In a TikTok video, twin girls looked a mess. The naughty pair had just gotten some food while in the car.

TikTok video shows twins after making a mess
A TikTok video shows twin sisters after they ruined the back of their mom's car. Image: @notsolotwinzz
Source: TikTok

The video of the twins left many people amused. In the clip, the little girls looked innocent despite the disaster they created.

Twin girls cause disaster in car

In a TikTok video by @notsolotwinzz, twin sisters were eating yoghurt, which ended up all over the back seat. The kids' naughty escapades went viral. Watch the video below:

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South Africa entertained by messy twin girls

Many people thought the twin children were cute. Netizens could not help but make jokes about the twins' antics.

Emms said:

"I am happy I am not in this car, eish."

luyantvvd5d commented:

"Yhoooo, hayi, it’s hard to be a parent, bafethu. They must know this is wrong though yhuuu."

N Ward wrote:

"They are so awesome, beautiful, kids will always be kids no matter what they do. These two angels are so adorable."

Baatile Mogashoa gushed:

"On their behalf, 'askies mama'."

Pheza Mafuya was touched:

"Abase cute."

Ntombooo joked:

"The mission is complete in absolute silence, sorry, mama."

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