“I See Why They Are the King”: Video of Lion ‘Barking’ Goes Viral

“I See Why They Are the King”: Video of Lion ‘Barking’ Goes Viral

  • In a viral video on TikTiok, a lion was not roaring but instead barking at a car on a dirt road
  • The king of the jungle made a few of the dog-like sounds before backing away from the vehicle
  • People in the clip's comment section shared their surprise at the noise the lion was making
A lion barked at a car.
The clip of the lion making a barking sound surprised many online users. Images: @latestsightings / TikTok, RASimon / Getty Images
Source: UGC

An upset lion was recorded not roaring but 'barking' at a car on the road.

In a video posted by the TikTok account Latest Sightings (@latestsightings), the king of the jungle (or possibly, in this case, the safari) gets up close to a white car. At first, the lion makes a hissing sound. Then, instead of the drawn-out roar people are used to hearing, the lion makes a few barking noises at the vehicle.

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The animal backs away, and the clip ends.

Watch the video below:

People react to the 'barking' lion

The viral video garnered well over half a million views, and many flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on the peculiar sound emanating from the lion.

A surprised @user551811783027 wrote:

"A lion acting like a dog? I see why they are the king. They can do anything and get away with it."

@deondeklerk85 had positive things to say about the lion:

"Fearless. They don't care what or who you are. Raw instinct. Amazing animals."

@matsekotsike900 shared their wonder:

"I thought lions are cats, but this one can bark like a dog."

@tyrion49 joked and said:

"This is his nice way of saying, 'You're lucky the door is closed.'"

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Man casually drives past lions on a motorbike

In a related article, Briefly News reported about a gentleman who wowed people online after he drove past lions on a bike.

The footage shared by Todosafaris on Facebook showed two lions chilling and blocking the road, with one lying in the middle of the dirt path and the other on the side, which affected tourists to pass through, forcing them to wait.

As the clip continued, the man casually drove past the lions. His actions surprised the tourists, who stared at the guy in shock.

Source: Briefly News

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