“You Are My Role Model”: Mzansi Woman Priorities Wine Over Food With Monthly Groceries

“You Are My Role Model”: Mzansi Woman Priorities Wine Over Food With Monthly Groceries

  • A woman on TikTok shared her monthly groceries, which amused Mzansi
  • The lady named Sissa Kape showed her coffee table filled with her monthly groceries while including over 12 bottles of Woolworths wine
  • Kape only has six food items to cook for the month, which amused Mzansi

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A woman on TikTok, Sissa Kape, showed off her alcoholic diet.

Lady buys more alcohol than food
A Mzansi woman filled her month's groceries with 12 bottles of Woollies wine. Image: @not_a_wife_material
Source: TikTok

The lady showcased her month’s worth of groceries, including 12 bottles of wine from Woolworths.

Woolworths wine lover

The TikTokker made it clear that her life is somewhat different by announcing that she is no wife material. Usually, this means that a woman could care less what the next person has to say about them.

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Kape showed off her monthly groceries, which she placed on her tiny coffee table. She bought 12 wine bottles from Woolworths, two cans of fish, a bag of potatoes, two packets of noodles and rice.

The lady captioned her post:

“POV: you’re done with the month’s grocery shopping.”

Watch the video below:

Drinking my life away

Briefly News reached out to a Clinical Psychologist, Vuyolwethu Tuluma to better understand why people find more comfortable in high consumption of alcohol:

“According to research, people with common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety are twice as likely to report an alcohol use disorder than people without common mental disorders.
“This means when we use alcohol as a dysfunctional coping mechanism we are not dealing with social stressors effectively. This causes a lack of early treatment and management of mental health issues.
“ Good coping mechanisms such as having a good support system and talking about your emotions and feelings is a good start. Therapy is highly recommended.”

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South Africa has been mentioned among the countries that consume a lot of alcohol. Mzansi citizens enjoy a good time, and groove culture has become more popular.

The young and old mix together in clubs and bond over bottles of alcohol to celebrate the end of the month, the week, the day and payday. People stay dizzy to cope with the fast-paced life, and drowning in alcohol is not seen as problematic.

Netizens were amazed by Kape’s clip and commented:

@Ayanda loved the woman's plan:

"This is so smart! You eat once a day, then later have some wine on an empty stomach and pass out off 2 glasses."

@Ma2ula would easily finish the bottles:

"Worry yam is I can clean those bottles within one long weekend ke mina."

Mzansi's groove culture

Briefly News reported that one man's dance moves at the groove left many people in laughter, and the video went viral online. The gentleman showed off his impressive amapiano moves, and South Africans on TikTok loved it.

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Source: Briefly News

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