“My Sisters Sold the House”: Homeless Woman From Gugulethu Attacked by Cape Town Storm

“My Sisters Sold the House”: Homeless Woman From Gugulethu Attacked by Cape Town Storm

  • A homeless mother of three has been living on the streets of Cape Town for fifteen years 
  • The lady has had it tough this winter as Cape Town’s unforgiving storm has been persistent 
  • The woman is layered in plastic bags to protect herself from the stormy weather 

The 38-year-old mother of three felt hopeless as she talked about her homelessness during the notorious Cape Town storm.

Homeless mother of three living on street for 15 years
A homeless woman has endured Cape Town storms for 15 years. Image: @RAJESH JANTILAL/AFP via Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

The vicious storm has claimed roads, waterfalls and homes over the past four days.

Homeless people struggle the most in winter 

Western Cape has been dealing with a malicious attack during the winter season. The western parts of the province have been greeted by vicious weather that caused significant distress.

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The strong winds, icy snow, and intrusive floods have damaged formal and informal settlements. While we focus on the effects of the weather on our homes, homeless people are going through hell.

A man on TikTok shared a video where he interviewed the lady and posted it on TikTok. He captioned it:

“Her name is Rubi from Delft.”

Watch the video below:

Homelessness during winter in Mzansi

A mother who had been homeless for fifteen years was found trying to protect herself from the storm. Social services took her three children because of her inability to provide shelter for them.

A former teacher who taught at underprivilleged schools in the townships of Cape Town explained her bleeding heart to Briefly News. The former teacher, Ellen Fedele who now resides in Europe is praying for the woman's rescue:

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"This lady needs help. I'm all the way in Europe and I feel so helpless. I would be in my car right now racing to Sea Point to try and find her. It is very difficult when you are so far away and your people are suffering. I miss you South Africa and my people."

Fedele is currently trying to find ways to raise money, find shelter and food for the homeless woman. The lady, originally from Gugulethu, disclosed that her sisters sold the family house, and she ended up on the streets. The woman’s story touched many netizens, who shared their thoughts in the comments section:

@esnathmahlangu shared kind words:

"May the lord send you your destiny helper to change your life totally where can l locate this person."

@dee..️heart is bleeding for the homeless:

"This is what saddens my soul yet almost each and every one is posting how lekka they eating, wearing and buying, have a heart for the less fortunate."

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Briefly News also reported that the violent Cape Town weather has been the cause of many citizens' distress. The heavy and windy showers have managed to damage formal and informal settlements and even changed the flow of a waterfall.

Source: Briefly News

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