Cape Town’s Extreme Weather Conditions: Waterfall’s Flow Redirected by Strong Winds

Cape Town’s Extreme Weather Conditions: Waterfall’s Flow Redirected by Strong Winds

  • The winter colds have been creeping in for a while now, and Cape Town has been battling strong winds and heavy rain
  • The past weekend has been wet, windy and cold, with thunderstorms that alarmed many 
  • Capetonians have been worried about how they will travel to work during the harsh and unforgiving weather

Since Sunday, the 7th, Cape Town has endured heavy showers and a huge temperature drop.

Cape Town strong winds take over a waterfall
Over the past four days, Cape Town’s extreme weather has alarmed many citizens. Image: @Curtis Kitchen/Anadoluu/Getty Images/@telladuprrez/TikTok
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The grey weather forced many to stay indoors and use their heaters, which they’ve tucked away since last summer.

Cape Town experiences harsh weather

Cape Town experienced terrible weather this past weekend. The city experienced grey weather, a temperature drop, and heavy rains partnered with thunderstorms. According to whether channels, the city will endure an entire week of wrestling winds, rain and thunderstorms.

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Commuters travelling to work have been worried about how they will use public transport as they have to walk to a bus stop or a taxi rank. Many have revealed to Briefly News that they will be layering up with clothes to keep themselves warm.

The strong winds have also overtaken a waterfall whose flow has been redirected. The strong winds have alarmed many who would rather stay indoors than to risk their lives exposing themselves to the vicious weather.

A woman on TikTok, Tella Duprrez, shared a video of the astonishing footage of the waterfall overpowered by Cape Town’s strong winds. Duprrez captioned the clip:

“Water can’t reach the bottom.”

Watch the video below:

Bracing for the coldest winter 

Cape Town’s winter season is often incredibly unbearable, but this past weekend, the city warned citizens to brace themselves for an even colder season. Heavy rains and strong winds have alarmed citizens to the point where a warning about the harsh weather has been issued.

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The South African Weather Service has waved the red flag to all Capetonians that they would be enduring horrid weather:

"More rainfall and showers with possible thunderstorms are expected over the western parts of the Western Cape, with heavier downpours over the City of Cape Town, Drakenstein and Stellenbosch municipalities on Tuesday, especially during the morning."

The South African Weather Service went on to highlight that the rain will cause run-offs and flooding:

"Flooding of roads, formal and informal settlements which may lead to damage of property or infrastructure and displacement of vulnerable communities. Essential services such as water and electricity may also be affected."

Commuters fear leaving their homes to stand in long queues at taxi ranks. One commuter, Mihlle George announced that:

"It should be a sin to be expected to go to work in this weather. I cannot even get out of the house, I keep changing clothes."

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Netizens were amazed by the gloomy weather and commented:

@Ricardo felt bad for the waterfall:

"That poor waterfall just wants to get to the bottom but the wind won't let him."

@louis shared his experience:

"Seen thus many times mountains between Huguenot tunnel and rawsonville weigh bridge."

@My pets out of control made a clever joke:

"Those winds are defying the law's of gravity."

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Source: Briefly News

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