Money Is Never a Problem: Mzansi TikTok Star Pays for Gogo’s Groceries at Checkers

Money Is Never a Problem: Mzansi TikTok Star Pays for Gogo’s Groceries at Checkers

  • One of Mzansi’s TikTokkers melted hearts when he paid for a family’s groceries from Checkers
  • The family were so amazed by the man’s generosity that they asked again if he was sure about his decision to pay for their shopping 
  • The gogo, who had been travelling with her daughter and grandchild, was over the moon when they got to the till, and the guy kept his promise to pay for her groceries

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A kind gent named Keegan Gordon, AKA @bigmankg, surprised a family while shopping at Checkers.

TikTok star pays for gogo's groceries
A Mzansi TikTok Star paid for a family's groceries at Checkers. Image: @bigmankg
Source: TikTok

The family barely had any goods in their trolley before Gordon announced his heartwarming plan.

Mzansi’s random acts of kindness 

A popular TikTokker, Keegan Gordon is known for his unbelievable generosity. The young man dedicated his TikTok account to unexpectedly helping those in need and capturing their reactions on camera for the world to enjoy.

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This time, Gordon surprised a family of three who had been pinching pennies during grocery shopping at Checkers. The generous king told them to take whatever they wanted from the grocery store in a minute, and he’d pay for it.

Gordon captioned his cool clip:

"She went straight to the meat section."

Watch the video below:

Gogo's Checkers grocery shopping experience

The gogo’s daughter wasted no time and quickly jumped for the meat. Gogo had been too slow to get anything in one minute, but Gordon blessed her with R500 just for participating. 

The philanthropist also bumped into a fan and gifted him with R600. A lady who had been watching others get showered with randelas unconvincingly claimed to have known Gordon to receive some love, in which she was gifted with free groceries and R200.

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Netizens were amazed by the sweet moment and gathered in the comments:

@Ndix was floored by the foolery of one shopper:

"I've never laughed till I cried in my life till I heard "I follow you as well" and saw."

@MissThato has been unlucky:

"When am I bumping into you?"

Woman Spends R5K on Giant Hyper Groceries That Filled Up the Whole House

Briefly News also reported that a foodie on TikTok plugged Mzansi with a store that offers food at a low price. The lady bought her month-end groceries from Giant Hyper, spending R5K on food that would last her at least two or more months.

Source: Briefly News

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