Woman Spends R5K on Gian Hyper Groceries That Filled Up the Whole House

Woman Spends R5K on Gian Hyper Groceries That Filled Up the Whole House

  • A foodie on TikTok plugged Mzansi with a store that offers food at a low price
  • The lady bought her month-end groceries from Giant Hyper, where she spent R5K on food that would last her at least two or more months
  • The lady bought every essential item and also splurged on luxuries for the whole family

A lady on TikTok shared how hunger will not be a word in her dictionary this time around.

Woman covers her whole house with R5K groceries
A lady shared her R5K grocery haul that filled the entire house on TikTok. Image: @missj_life
Source: TikTok

Miss J, a foodie on TikTok plugged Mzansi with an affordable store, Giant Hyper.

No hunger formed against us shall prosper

The lady shared her enormous purchase from Giant hyper and wowed the internet. Her R5K grocery haul is not only mouthwatering but quite affordable too. If one would shop like her then there’s no way that they’ll go hungry.

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Miss J spread her groceries from the kitchen to the living room and into her dining areas. She bought a collection of detergents, toiletries, veggies, dairy products, luxuries and meat.

She has a whole lot of everything that even if the country would be placed on level five lockdown, she’d be good to go. Some of the foods she advertised I have not seen in ages because of how expensive a roll of toilet paper is.

Ramaphosa’s economy is brutal but this lady managed to find a loophole and shared it with us.

Watch video below:

Food for thought

Can we eventually think properly anymore? Yikes we have to budget for everything including stepping out of the house. Breadwinners must be the most stressed people on earth, after matriculants of course.

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At least now that we have been plugged with such an essential store, we can loosen up a bit. Here’s what netizens had to say:

@Nafeesa said that this kind of shopping makes her dizzy:

"Which Giant is this ?wow I could never, this kind of shopping makes me mal I just go weekly else my teens eat everything in one go."

@ammaarahkrotzie commented:

"Giants is honestly the best ever , you should try there dhanya sausage but directly from the deli section, not the prepacked."

Briefly News also reported that a woman shared with the online community that she spent R4000 for her mid-month grocery top-up. The food items included a few luxuries, fruit and vegetables, soap and a few household staples such as milk and sugar.

Some internet users could not believe the amount spent during the middle of the month, while others felt motivated. The lady also noted that she had to do "quite a bit of restocking" as she was on holiday for two weeks. Before her vacation, though, she had already bought all the cleaning essentials and items needed for her child.

Source: Briefly News

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