Bride-to-Be's Airport Excitement for United States Fiancé Goes Viral on TikTok, Reunion Ignites Joy

Bride-to-Be's Airport Excitement for United States Fiancé Goes Viral on TikTok, Reunion Ignites Joy

  • A South African bride-to-be's viral TikTok captures the heartfelt reunion with her US-based fiancé at the airport
  • Their fairytale romance began with an Instagram message, blossomed through online Bible sessions, and now culminates in marriage
  • Likho Nonyongo spoke to Briefly News about her inspiring love story and how she and her fiance navigate cultural differences
  • The couple's journey resonates deeply with South African viewers, igniting warm feelings and evoking congratulations, adoration, and even envy
woman excited to see US fiancé
A woman shared a video of her reunion with her fiancé in South Africa. Image: @likho.nonyongo
Source: TikTok

A young bride-to-be couldn't contain her excitement when her fiance flew to South Africa to come to see her recently.

A now-viral TikTok video captured the sweet moment Likho Nonyongo (@likho.nonyongo) was at the airport, eagerly waiting for her man to arrive as he arrived from the United States.

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From DMs to wedding bells

In the post, Likho shared a previous clip of when she first met her long-distance partner at the airport, where she bounced excitedly and embraced him three years ago.

Much like then, a more recent clip captured her in the international arrivals waiting area with a sign for her man. As soon as he approached, Likho got up on her feet in excitement and did cute little jumps as she went to welcome her fiance back in SA.

Likho shared that this was the last time she and her man would meet like this as they were preparing to get married and finally become husband and wife.

"I didn't even get to use the sign I made for him my fiance makes it seem, and feel like America is right next door to South Africa. He brought our worlds closer together. The actual definition of “if he wanted to, he would” and I’m so grateful… I’m happy," the TikTok post was captioned.

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In a separate video, Likho shared that their relationship started with a DM on Instagram, where they began communicating frequently, having Bible reading sessions and praying together until they became inseparable.

Likho speaks to Briefly News about her relationship

Likho told Briefly News that she and her fiance re happy to inspire others to find love.

"In our generation, it’s so rare to find, with some believing it doesn’t even exist when, in actual fact, it truly does and it can feel like a movie. Behind all the content, the love is even stronger."

Cultural differences and long distance love

Speaking on her and her partner's different backgrounds, Likho shared that are a lot of cultural differences and challenges in their relationship.

"From petty things like wanting to bring him a bowl of hot water to wash his hands before dinner and serve him on a tray. He doesn't understand why I even need to serve him or dish up for him.

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"There are also more major things like paying lobola which isn’t typically done in America, instead, the family of either the bride or groom would pay for the wedding," Likho shared.

Likho said that as a couple, it has been important for them to communicate their expectations and needs clearly.

"Being in a long-distance relationship definitely teaches you to communicate because all you can do is talk. We’ve had to learn to compromise, and our families have had to learn to compromise as well to help us make our relationship work.
"When our disagreements get heated or stronger we take a break from the topic and talk about something else, listen to music, take a walk, hold hands or pray, and only then talk about the problem. That way we are not fighting each other, but tackling the issue together," the bride-to-be explained.

Couple's story has SA close to tears

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Likho's infectious excitement and the couple's commitment to faith resonate with fans witnessing their love story unfold.

The couple ignited warm and fuzzy feelings in many Mzansi netizens who responded to the video with heartfelt comments.

Nickxaeliya16 commented:

"Following your journey makes me view love in a very nurturing aspect, and I love y’all sm uThixo anisikelele and you deserve all the happiness."

yeah said:

"SBWL gf yam to be like you when she sees me."

Charmaine. replied:

"This is so beautiful oh man congratulations on your union."

mandlenkosi36 responded:

"My entire family is JW, I used to be too, this is refreshing to see."

OG said:

"The lady standing by the wall is so real."

user7639658405691 replied:

" No but guys, guyzini we are truly watching a movie. Because what do you mean it’s been three years ????? We are all getting a front seat to."

katlego commented:

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"The little bounce you do when you see him is soo cute."

khanyodhludhlu replied:

"Yeses man umjolo ubukisa ngam ."

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Source: Briefly News

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