Dad Gets Pooped On by Baby in Public, No Changing Outfit

Dad Gets Pooped On by Baby in Public, No Changing Outfit

  • The Mwitis are just the cutest family ever. They share lovely family content on TikTok
  • This time, the mom of two and wife of Ray Mwiti, Amber Mawiti, filmed Ray’s funny wardrobe malfunction
  • Their little one pooped on their dad in public, and daddy did not bring an extra outfit to change into

A family on TikTok shared their cute family content.

Baby poops on dad in public
A lovely family had fun in the sun until their little one pooped on the dad, who had no changing clothes. Image: @themwitis
Source: TikTok

This time, the family posted a clip where daddy bear experienced a funny wardrobe malfunction.

Wardrobe malfunction

The family were out and about chilling when the dad felt something weird on his lap while holding their youngest. He decided to flip the baby over and saw that he had pooped, and the little accident spread onto his shorts and white shirt.

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The older sister could not believe her eyes and made a funny yet concerned face. The father was hopeless and mumbled:

“I don’t have changing clothes.”

Amber captioned their clip:

“Is this what they mean when they say men are full of ?”

Watch video below:

Daddy is a poop head

Netizens could not deal with the dad’s malfunction and advised the family to carry extra outfits and a diaper bag when they leave home, even if it’s for a short while.

This is what the family’s TikTok comments looked like:

@Vinnilah k learned a thing or should I say two?

"From today am carrying an extra clothing for myself as well."

@Kgosatsana ya ❤️MJ shared some vital info:

"Advice for new parents with babies you pack extra clothes for everyone."

@Silarito shared their story:

"The only hard way I learnt you have to carry extra clothes for babies."

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@Wcw highlighted something for new parents:

"This is why you shouldn't only pack extra clothes for baby but for yourself as well...noted."

@joyatitsbest shared her first little accident:

"That was my first daughter 13 yrs ago at night 6 to 8 times."

We handle kids differently

Briefly News reported that a mother on TikTok shared a hilarious transformation of her son when she visited her grandmother in the Eastern Cape. The mom, Athini, showed her TikTok followers how she dressed her son in the City and how the son’s grandmother dressed the little boy in totally different clothes in the village.

The internet could not deal with the accurate transformation and sprinted to the comments section to roar at the significant difference. The mother could not believe her eyes when he visited her family in the village and saw how foreign her son looked, dressed in raggedy clothes. The boy is seen unbothered, playing in the yard.

Source: Briefly News

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