“I Would Also Cry”: Mother Shows Her Unhappy Newborn Triplets, Internet Reacts

“I Would Also Cry”: Mother Shows Her Unhappy Newborn Triplets, Internet Reacts

  • A mother of triplets showed people online a short video of her children lying in a cot and crying
  • The woman says that the babies were having a "crying hour" and asked people in her caption where she should start
  • People in the video's comment section felt for the woman and also shared their experiences with their kids

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Woman shows a video of her crying triplets.
A mother shared a video of her adorable, teary-eyed triplets. Images: @phils084
Source: TikTok

Children can be a handful, but it can get tricky when you have three crying babies.

A woman gave social media users a glimpse into her life as a mother of 11-weeks-old triplets (Olwakhe, Lodwa and Lumile) when she shared a video on her TikTok account (@phils084) of her little ones participating in what she called a "crying hour."

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The three babies (presumably two boys and one girl, based on their outfits) lay in one cot with teary eyes. The mother of four captioned her post:

"Where must I start? I might as well start videoing them."

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Watch the cute clip below:

Online users comment on crying triplets

Parents and parents-to-be filled the comment section with advice, worry and humour.

@constantine_cpt told the mother:

"I survived this. I have identical triplets, followed by twins."

@msandiwavaloyi, who has two buns in the oven, said:

"I'm pregnant with twins. I'm scared."

Adding humour, @khathutshelokhath6 wrote:

"What a nice choir you have there, Sis."

@phils084 responded in laughter:

"Sometimes, I join them."

@rosette.rm3 was truthful in the comments and wrote:

"I would also cry."

@portia.malobane joked:

"The ringleader is the one in the corner making others join in the toyitoyi."

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Mother shows her hilarious struggle of raising twins

In a similar article, Briefly News reported about a woman who left South African online users tickled with laughter after she posted a video showing how she deals with having twins.

In the TikTok clip, @rroyal99 placed her twins on pillows on the bed and wrapped them in towels to make them think they were on someone's back. An older daughter jumped up and down on the bed to make the situation more convincing for the two.

Source: Briefly News

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