Mzansi Mom Finds Prince Charming Who Loves Her Loudly

Mzansi Mom Finds Prince Charming Who Loves Her Loudly

  • A lady on TikTok showed off her parents’ dreamy relationship
  • The pair resemble a couple straight out of a Disney script the way that they beautifully compliment each other
  • Netizens could not hold back and gushed over the couple’s beautiful love for each other

A lady on TikTok showed us a glimpse of what love looks like.

Fairytale love wows SA romantics
Mzansi parents wow TikTok with their dreamy relationship. Image: @queenmotivat
Source: TikTok

The woman posted a series of clips where her father showed great pleasure in dressing his wife up.

Fairytale love exists in Mzansi

Mzansi is filled with beautiful love stories, both dreamy and not, but today let’s focus on this majestic couple that had us wishing to be in the warm embrace of our Prince Charming. The video shows the excitement of a man delivering his wife’s dresses and amazed by how stunning she looks.

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The husband cannot keep his eyes off of his beautiful wife and can also been seen helping her apply moisturiser and lipstick. They go on beautiful dates with through daughter who’s third wheeling and records her beautiful parents.

The clip is captioned:

“POV: Your dad on his way to surprise your mum vs it on her.”

Watch the video below:

Disney fairytale in Mzansi

TikTok cannot believe that such a beautiful love story truly exists in Mzansi since we’re so used to reading stories about broken marriages and women settling for cheating and abusive husbands.

The clip is refreshing to all hopeless romantic individuals. May their hope be restored.

This i what netizens had to say:


"In my mom's next life I wish her such a man."

@ellagabs sees how perfect the relationship is:

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"He married a princess and made her a queen."

@user7988019133404 wishes to have such a beautiful relationship:

"Lord whatever she said in prayers. Amen."


"That’s why you will never settle for less, you grew up seeing love."

Heartbreaking love stories

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Source: Briefly News

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