“Your Poor Mom”: Man Uses Macaroni to Prank His Mother, Mzansi Laughs at Viral Video

“Your Poor Mom”: Man Uses Macaroni to Prank His Mother, Mzansi Laughs at Viral Video

  • A man took to his TikTok account to share a video of himself using macaroni to trick his mother playfully
  • He put the piece of pasta in his mouth and bit it to make a cracking sound so that his mom thought she cracked his 'sore' neck
  • The viral video received over one million views, and many took to the comment section to laugh

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Man uses macaroni to prank his mother.
A man recorded himself pranking his mother with a piece of pasta. Images: @kabelobravepodile
Source: TikTok

A man received laughs from social media users when he used a piece of macaroni to prank his mother.

Content creator Kabelo Brave Podile took to his TikTok account (@kabelobravepodile) to trick his parent into thinking she was cracking or breaking his neck.

At the beginning of the viral video, the man shows viewers a piece of macaroni he put in his mouth that he planned to use in the prank to replicate a cracking sound. While his mother joyfully sings a song in the background, Kabelo sits down at a desk and pretends to work. The man calls for his mom to tell her about the supposed pain he has in his neck.

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Once his mother reaches him, she inspects his neck to see if she can help her child. She presses the area, but that is not enough for Kabelo, who asks her to turn his head to relieve the pain. Using both hands, the lady places one on his head and the other on his chin, moving his head up.

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Once she moves her son's head, a loud crack emanates from the man, giving his mother a considerable fright. Kabelo's prank worked, and it was soon discovered after he started laughing out loud.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to the man's prank

The viral video received over 1.5 million views on the popular app, and thousands of people took to the comment section to share their laughs and thoughts about the man's prank on his mother.

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@moloko_trish could not help themselves and commented:

"I don't know why I laughed, but that's not funny."

@anamcara_ac laughed and said to Kabelo:

"Your poor mom."

@primalebolego told the online community:

"My mom's blood pressure would not take this prank well."

@kombo248 share what they found funny:

"It’s how she demonstrated the turning of the head."

@mrmmale briefly shared their prank story:

"I once did this to my mom. She no longer buys macaroni."

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Source: Briefly News

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