Creative Dad Turns Baby Stroller Into Cooler, Netizens in Stitches: “Dankie Broer for the Idea”

Creative Dad Turns Baby Stroller Into Cooler, Netizens in Stitches: “Dankie Broer for the Idea”

  • A father used his bundle of joy's stroller as a cooler box instead of letting it go to waste
  • The man put his beverages inside the pram and to top it off, he also put ice to keep the booze cool
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many finding the gentleman hilariously funny

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A man hilariously used his baby stroller as a cooler, leaving netizens in stitches.
A father used his bundle of joy's pram to cool his alcohol. Images: @flymotionsa/ TikTok, @Mykhaylo Sahan/ Getty Images
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A video of a man using a baby stroller as a cooler box has gone viral, leaving South African online users in stitches.

In a TikTok clip uploaded by @flymotionsa, he can be seen standing outside the house with the baby's stroller. He placed his beverages inside it and poured ice. The person taking the video can be heard from her voice that she was shocked by the gent's act.

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The man seemed to hilariously regret his doing. According to the caption, he was making a skit, however, it did not go as he planned. Some people in the comments understood where he was coming from because baby strollers are expensive and are used occasionally. Before you know it, the baby doesn't need it anymore.

"Skit gone wrong!"

Father uses baby stroller as cooler box

Watch the funny TikTok video below:

TikTokkers entertained by the man

The video garnered over One million, with many online users finding the situation hilariously funny.

@mhayise said:

"Ya my daughter only used it twice... my 5k gone for nothing... dankie broer for the idea ."

@M Jubane Rsa joked:

"Is it after DNA tests ."

@TSHIDI MOH wondered:

"Why am I seeing this now."

@mwenewazvo encouraged:

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"Let's use that stroller for everything it's expensive for nothing."

@spinyora stanned:

"Father of the year ."

@Maity_Mel laughed:

"It's giving its my money, watch me do it."

Dad stands in drive through with baby stroller

In another story, Briefly News reported about a father who stood at a drive-through with a pram.

A South African woman, Nompumelelo Motlaping recently took to Facebook's ImStaying group to share how she was inspired after spotting a dad pushing a stroller through a KFC restaurant drive-through. The netizens found the post sweet.

Source: Briefly News

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