Teacher Shows Off New Whip, Mzansi Celebrates: “Congratulations”

Teacher Shows Off New Whip, Mzansi Celebrates: “Congratulations”

  • A proud teacher spoiled herself with a stunning Nissan Magnite and drove it to her workplace
  • When she arrived at her school learners and her colleagues were visibly overjoyed by her achievement
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many showering the woman with congratulatory messages

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A proud teacher spoiled herself with a stunning Nissan Magnite.
An educator proudly drove her new and beautiful vehicle to work. Images: @nicolesoil.
Source: TikTok

A teacher spoiled herself with a stunning vehicle. She arrived with it at her workplace and everyone beamed with pride.

In the TikTok video uploaded by @nicolesoil_, the teacher can be seen driving her stunning Nissan Magnite through the gates of her school in the morning. The learners and her colleagues were visibly happy for her. They hugged her and took pictures with the teacher.

Some bought her gifts to congratulate her. The gifts included a lovely silver wristwatch and a sweet letter.

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According to the Nissan website, the Nissan Magnite has a revolutionary HRA0 engine that puts out a dynamic 74kW of power. It further boasts about its spacious interior, show-stopper technology, and safety.

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Teacher shows off her stunning vehicle

Watch the inspiring TikTok video below:

Netizens congratulated the teacher on her new car

The video garnered over 200k views, with many online users showering the educator with congratulatory messages.

@Lilly commented:

"We used to do that in my old school...in the new school life goes on as if nothing has happened."

@Cuves celebrated:

"Congratulations babyMagnite. I love this car. One day I so wish to own one."

@lizwi said:

"Congratulations, but mna I fear that kind of celebration where everyone is happy for me yoooh ."

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@Kelebogile Simon Kotu showed love:

" Nissan Magnite 1.0 CVT TURBO AUTO. I love that car."

Teacher spoils herself with new whip

In another story, Briefly News reported about a South African maths teacher who bought herself a car in cash.

A lady who goes by the TikTok handle @fave_maths_teacher gave her viewers a glimpse of the day she purchased her brand-new car. In the clip, the young lady can be seen at a car dealership with her loved ones. The stunner also revealed that she bought her grey Toyota in cash, which impressed netizens.

Source: Briefly News

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