Women Driving BMW Chase Robbers and Catch in Viral Video, South Africans Praise Their Bravery

Women Driving BMW Chase Robbers and Catch in Viral Video, South Africans Praise Their Bravery

  • A group of thugs got the surprise of their lives when the victims returned with backup
  • The women were allegedly robbed while walking their dog and went home, only to return in a BMW and the South African Police Services
  • Netizens clapped and applauded the women for standing up for themselves and also praised their car

Tebogo Mokwena, a Briefly News current affairs journalist in Johannesburg, South Africa, covered police investigations and court cases at Daily Sun for over seven years.

Women who were robbed chased their robbers in a BMW and caught them
Mzansi was impressed by women who chased robbers in their BMW. Images: Dasril Roszandi/NurPhoto via Getty Images and Luis Alvarez
Source: Getty Images

A group of criminals thought they hit the jackpot when they allegedly robbed women, and the victims escaped. Their celebration was cut short when the victims came back and chased them for their belongings! South Africans were ecstatic that victims turned into victors in a short space of time.

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Women chase robbers

@VehicleTrackerz posted the fantastic video on their X account. In the video, the women are apprehended and accompanied by police officers who shout at them to go down. The victims, who were driving a BMW, came and shouted that they told the criminals that they would get them. The criminals are lying on the ground as the South African Police Service members arrest them.

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One of them tries to apologise, and one of the victims refuses to forgive them. According to the caption, the women were walking their dogs when the suspects attacked them. They ran home, got their BMW and chased them while informing the cops. Watch the video here:

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Mzansi claps for the women

Netizens praised the women for having a BMW, which they believed was helpful for them.

ViviMarsh said:

“Trust me, Mercedes, wouldn’t catch up. I cannot stress how important having at least 1 BMW is!”

Koetseo Resane exclaimed:

“You see why I choose cars wisely.”

Tsitso09 wrote:

“It’s a nice story that ends well. Now, the courts must do the right thing and give them a befitting sentence to send a message.”

Papa DiDi exclaimed:

“Bravery, knowing that this could have had a different ending but not allowing that thought or fear to dictate to you and make you do nothing.”

Invictus laughed.

“Lol, they ran back home, got a BMW and still managed to catch up to the Polo. I see what you did there.”

Shoppers flee robbery scene at Mams Mall in TikTok video

While on the topic of robberies, Briefly News reported that shoppers at Mams Mall in Tshwane fled a robbery scene.

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A TikTok video of the incident went viral. In the clip, hundreds of people run through the mall, some pushing trolleys and others touting their groceries. South Africans lamented over the deplorable state of crime in the country.

Source: Briefly News

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