Muscular Man Fights Would-Be Hijackers in Viral Video, SA Stans Him: “The Country Is a Joke”

Muscular Man Fights Would-Be Hijackers in Viral Video, SA Stans Him: “The Country Is a Joke”

  • A man stopped a group of thugs trying to hijack his vehicle
  • In the viral video, the muscular man angrily grabs a few of them, and they run away after almost getting beaten up
  • South Africans were supportive of his self-defence and recognised how important it was to protect their families

Tebogo Mokwena, Briefly News's current affairs journalist, provided coverage of criminal activities and their societal implications during his four years at Daily Sun.

Souuth Africans were happy when a man defended himself from hijackers
A man foiled hijackers when he fought back, pleasing netizens. Images: LordHenriVoton and FG Trade
Source: Getty Images

South Africans are starting to get fed up with criminals, and one such man showed how gatvol he was. Suspected thieves tried to hijack him, and he turned on them and beat them up so suddenly that they ran away!

Man fights hijackers in viral videos

Crime activist @Abramjee posted the video of the incident on his X, formerly Twitter, account. In the video, the muscular man enters his parked SUV when four unidentified men suddenly swarm him and try to hijack his car. Their plan fails as quickly as it started when he jumps out of the car and grabs one by the neck.

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He manages to break free, and in a rage, the car owner turns and tries to grab another thug. He escapes, and he thunders towards the other suspect and grabs him. He throws him down, and the thieves are in uproar, scrambling to escape from him. A few of them jumped into the car parked behind the man and drove off. Watch the video here:

Mzansi thanks the man's action

Netizens were entertained by how the man bravely fought the thugs off.

Akani said:

“This country is just a movie.”

SuccessfulVillageGirl applauded him.

“Good job to the guy for protecting his family.”

SK_MANV exclaimed:

“People are really tired. We realise that no one is going to help you. Any kind of self-defence is important these days.”

Tohann wrote:

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"This country is a joke. The government is a joke, and the power supply is a joke. It’s a frigging circus.”

Oranian suggested:

“The solution is to vote the ANC out, and citizens must arm themselves to defend their lives and properties with private security. To have hope in this government is a waste of time.”

Bonheur remarked:

“The sad part about all this is that it can be stopped. The government doesn’t want to act. It’s bizarre how someone can be proud of the president of a country whose murder rates undermine those of active warzones.”

SAPS officers foil robberies

In a related story, Briefly News reported that the South African Police Services were applauded for foiling a coordinated robbery.

This was after a gang of 20 robbers tried to rob several businesses in Tulisa Park, Johannesburg. Two suspects were fatally shot after the cops foiled them, and 11 suspects were arrested. Police also recovered two AK47 rifles from the scene, and netizens were relieved that crime was curbed.

Source: Briefly News

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