South African Birth Rate Slows Down, Mzansi Discusses

South African Birth Rate Slows Down, Mzansi Discusses

  • Although the current fertility rate in South Africa is women giving birth to over 2 children, the stats have changed
  • Recent statistics revealed that the birth rate is starting to slow down because of various reasons, including contraceptives and delayed marriages
  • South Africans discussed the reality that the cost of living is high, and many people are struggling to afford the basics

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The birth rate in South Africa is going down because of various factors
Netizens think people are having fewer babies because of expenses. Images: Ariel Skelley and Oscar Martin
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GAUTENG– The birth rate in the country is starting to drop owing to various factors, even though the birth rate stands at 2.3 children per woman.

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The birth rate in SA drops

According to eNCA, factors such as better healthcare, contraceptives, delayed marriages and how expensive it is to raise children influenced the birthrate. The statistics from research done by Eighty20 reveal that almost half of the children born in the country are born into households which earn R5000 per month. It is believed that this will, in the future, affect healthcare and the labour market.

South Africans discuss the findings

Netizens on Facebook discussed how expensive nappies and other baby expenses are becoming. Some doubted the accuracy of the statistics.

Romilla Rimilla said:

"Cost of living is high."

Dimakatso Moreroa said:

"Cost of living is tough."

Madikizel Pira added:

"Excellent people are starting to realise that this economy does not allow one to have children."

Piet Maduma Mathibela remarked:

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"Milk and nappies are expensive."

William Wizyz Molema disagreed.

"I see a lot of women and girls still pregnant every day. What are they talking about?"

Ngwato Sledge:

"But it's funny because the SA population is increasing rapidly."

Gerry Kipongo:

"Probably amongst adults because the teens are popping babies left, right and centre."

Sumaya Naidoo had a different opinion.

"Cutting us women open unnecessarily, even when it's not medically needed, has scared them, I guess lol. Plus, we have a limit to having children in this country. If you have had c-sections before, know that only three are recommended."

Men threw their friend a father baby-shower, Mzansi touched

In a similar article, Briefly News reported that a group of friends hosted a baby shower for their friend who would be a father.

The man was shown with nappies, wipes and baby essentials, and he felt special and appreciated.

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South Africans were warmed by the men's efforts and thanked them for showing their friends love.

Source: Briefly News

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