Joslin Smith’s Father Vows To Fight for Custody of Joslin and Other Child, Prays for Her Safe Return

Joslin Smith’s Father Vows To Fight for Custody of Joslin and Other Child, Prays for Her Safe Return

  • Joslin Smith's father, Jose Emke, revealed that he intends to fight for the custody of his two children, Joslin and his other child
  • This was after his mother informed him that Joslin had disappeared while in the care of Kelly's mother's boyfriend
  • South Africans also prayed for her to return, though some questioned where he was this whole time

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The father of Joslin Smith had netizens raising their eyebrows after he said he would fight to have full custody
Mzansi questioned where Joslin Smith's father was after he stepped forward. Images: @joy_zelda/X and Jetta Productions Inc/ Getty Images
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WESTERN CAPE – Jose Emke, who is the father of Joslin Smith, vowed that once she is returns, he will fight to gain full custody of her and his other child. Joslin Smith disappeared in late February, and the search for her continues.

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Father to fight for Joslin's custody

According to Daily Voice, Emke travelled from the Nothern Cape to Saldanha Bay upon learning that his daughter went missing and to help find her. He said that his mother broke the news of her disappearance to him. Emke accused Kelly and her boyfriend of being drug addicts and said that he would make sure he wins full custody.

What you need to know about Joslin Smith's disappearance

  • Joslin Smith disappeared while in the care of her mother's boyfriend, who blames himself
  • The authorities raised a R20,000 reward for anyone who gives them information on where she may be
  • Angry community members nearly took the law into their own hands and wanted to harm Kelly, but the SAPS intervened

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South Africans slam the father

Netizens on Facebook are far from impressed by the father and criticised him.

Roshan Jacobs said:

"He doesn't deserve the custody of those kids. Those kids must be put in the care of a loving, caring family."

Courtney Ladyc Jacobs said:

"Only now you see the circumstances or the conditions you left your child in. Why didn't you take her that time?"

Ilham Hendricks said:

"I hope in all aspects of his life he was there for her before her disappearance."

Henrietta Langeveldt-Alberts said:

"You knew about the drug-taking and home situation way before your daughter went missing, and you should have stepped up before."

Chantal Saayman:

"A little too late, sir. Why didn't you do so before?"

Gayton McKenzie hosts prayer session for Joslin Smith

Similarly, Briefly News reported that Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie hosted a mass prayer session for Joslin Smith.

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The community of Saldanha Bay joined McKenzie and artists who performed at the mass prayer to petition for her return. South Africans also prayed for her and hoped she was safe wherever she was.

Source: Briefly News

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