Twist of Fate Teasers for September 2021: Two contract killers vow to kill Abhi

Twist of Fate Teasers for September 2021: Two contract killers vow to kill Abhi

The Twist of Fate Indian soap opera continues to supply its fans with decent relatable stories about the cost of love. Interestingly, the Twist of Fate teasers for September 2021 episodes continue Ahbi and Pragya’s travails in the course of loving each other. In addition, the fresh episodes of this fascinating drama draw you into a series of themes about friendship, kindness, and sacrifice.

Twist of Fate Teasers
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This month's Twist of Fate episodes reveal how Pragya and Ahbi hide from dangerous people before finding refuge in the home of a kindhearted couple who sacrifice their safety to keep the lovers safe. You may also want to find out why Rhea is adamant about getting married to Ranbeer on the same day. No doubt, the highlights of the Twist of Fate drama series for September provide a preview of how the on-the-run lovers wriggle out of the cold hands of death.

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Twist of Fate teasers for September 2021

Why did Ratna and her husband decide to risk their own lives to protect Abhi and Pragya? Besides, is the commissioner of police part of Digvijay's plans to capture the couples? What happens to Rhea after Ranbeer becomes nervous about marrying Prachi? The Twist of Fate show for September keeps you pumped for the thrillers in the new episodes.

Episode 204 - Wednesday, 1st of September, 2021

Ranbeer finds out about Rhea's arrival, while Pragya and Ahbi decide to lay low when they discover that they are the target of the sinister plans of some individuals. Nevertheless, Alia challenges Meera on betraying her trust, while Rhea thinks that Aryan and Palak are getting married at the temple.

Episode 205 - Thursday, 2nd of September, 2021

Rhea is adamant about getting married to Ranbeer on the same day, while Ahbi and Pragya hide in the home of a kindhearted couple. Meanwhile, the time has come for Ranbeer to wed Prachi, but he is nervous about betraying her.

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Twist of Fate Teasers
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Episode 206 - Friday, 3rd of September, 2021

Two assassins promised to end Ahbi's life, while Ahbi and Pragya are lost for words after Ratna and her husband save their lives. Nevertheless, Pragya and Ahbi enjoy some beautiful moments together, while the assassins decide to search every house in the village when they discover the horse. Finally, Rhea exposes the things that Alia had done to her to everybody.

Episode 207 - Saturday, 4th of September, 2021

The assassins capture and maltreat Ratna and her husband. At the same time, Ahbi and Pragya escape with a car after Ahbi makes one of the assassins unconscious, while a second assassin double-crosses them, and a quarrel starts. Then, the police swoop in and save the day, but Pragya is worried by a confusing event.

Episode 208 - Sunday, 5th of September, 2021

Pragya and Ahbi stop by the temple to exchange vows while Digvijay and the commissioner's secrets are exposed. However, Digvijay's goons pretend to be men of the police take Pragya and Ahbi to a farmhouse. Sarita is bothered by a sad event.

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Episode 209 - Monday, 6th of September, 2021

Sarita and Baljeet discover that Pragya is in trouble, while Pragya is made unconscious by Ashok's wife when she sees a photograph of Ashok with Snake and Killer. However, Ahbi searches for Pragya while Sarita and Baljeet commence the Puja.

Twist of Fate Teasers
Pragya is made unconscious by Ashok's wife when she sees a photograph of Ashok with Snake and Killer. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 210 - Tuesday, 7th of September, 2021

Snake murders Ashok's wife because of Abhi and Pragya's escape, while Purab searches for Abhi and Pragya after getting a distress call from the inspector. Meanwhile, Pragya and Ahbi talk about Ranbeer and their daughters, while a killer pursues them afterwards.


Pragya's love life is filled with tales of woes. Consequently, she is on the run with her heartthrob because some dangerous people are after them. In the process, she enjoys some romantic moments with her lover amidst her troubles, but it is short-lived after the assassins find their hideout. Finally, she gets into trouble after she sees a picture of her assailants.

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Ahbi is Pragya's better half. However, he must be on the lookout to protect himself and the woman he loves. He finds a hideout for both of them, but the hired killers to know about it. Ahbi will do anything to stop the killers from hurting his lover, and he proves this by making one of the assailants unconscious. Then, he manages to exchange vows with his sweetheart in the midst of all troubles.

The Twist of Fate teasers for September 2021 prepare you for what some characters must do to stay alive and secure their relationships. As the name implies, you do not want to miss any part of this drama series as it promises intriguing plot twists.

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