This is Fate teasers for November 2021: Why is Akshay calling off the wedding?

This is Fate teasers for November 2021: Why is Akshay calling off the wedding?

In a bid to conceal his past atrocities, Akshay resolves to call his wedding ceremony quits, not minding the public ridicule he was opening his wife to. Nevertheless, will he successfully cover his misdeeds forever? This is Fate teasers for November 2021 share some exciting things to watch out for the show's official daily broadcast.

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This is Fate teasers
This is Fate soapie cast members. Photo: @ThisIsFate.RockstarTheDrammerBoy
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Since the first season of the highly engaging television series This Is Fate on Zee World premiered, it has remained a favourite among Indian soapie lovers. The suspense, creativity, and dynamism in the show's scripting make the series worth spending time watching daily. However, from This is Fate teasers for November 2021, part of the concerns addressed is why Akshay abruptly ends his wedding. So, there is something for every viewer to learn from this month's show!

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This is Fate teasers for November 2021

This month's episodes introduce how eager people are to see Preeta at the "haldi" ceremony and later share different challenges she had to go through. Find out how she manages to weather the storm as you read through the highlights of This is Fate soapie below.

Episode 50 - Monday, 1st of November, 2021

Those present at the "haldi" ceremony look forward to seeing Preeta.

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Episode 51 - Tuesday, 2nd of November, 2021

Srishti informs Sameer about the punishment that awaits Sarla, while Akshay informs Preeta concerning how his associates take over the proof against him. At the same time, he informs Preeta to ensure he gets married to Srishti and Kritika.

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Episode 52 - Wednesday, 3rd of November, 2021

Kritika supports checking on Akshay after what Preeta revealed. Meanwhile, a receptionist refutes the accusation of letting a third party know about Akshay's room number. Afterwards, Kritika interrogates him on checking the drinks in his room and how he found the door to his bathroom locked. Finally, Kareema pleads for Akshay's mother's forgiveness on the inability to prove that Akshay is blameworthy.

Episode 53 - Thursday, 4th of November, 2021

Kareena instructs Preeta to get back home after Kritika gets married. However, Kareena drags Preeta outside the house and informs Karan concerning the mistakes Preeta made, while Akshay's mom engages in a conflict with Sarla when Akshay and Kritika wedding ceremony is ongoing. Nevertheless, Sameer and Srishti produce proof to discontinue the marriage ceremony.

Episode 54 - Friday, 5th of November, 2021

Akshay ends the wedding and screams at Preeta, but Karan stands in her defence. Meanwhile, Akshay's reason for calling quits the wedding was an attempt to save himself from making known to everyone what he did wrong. Nevertheless, Karan stands on Preeta's side when Kareena resolves to send her packing. At the same time, he challenges Preeta's actions and Sarla, who is already upset, goes home with her.

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Episode 55 - Saturday, 6th of November, 2021

Rahki sights Mahira while trying to take advantage of Preeta and Karan's separation. Elsewhere, Sameer and Srishti discuss with Karan and Preeta hoping both of them could reconcile. After some time, Mahira makes an effort to get closer to Karan.

Episode 56 - Sunday, 7th of November, 2021

Sarla's neighbours show up in the house and attack Karan, while Sherlyn becomes angry with Prithvi because she refuses to give her a call on Valentine's Day. Nevertheless, Mahira believes Karan is likely to be arguing in Sarla's house, while Sarla allows Karan to go home with Preeta and informs him to spend the night at home.

This is Fate teasers
Kareena instructs Preeta to get back home after Kritika gets married. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 57 - Monday, 8th of November, 2021

Rakhi enters where Mahesh lives and wishes him a happy Valentine's Day while Karan gets home with Preeta, getting Kareen really upset. Then, Dadi and Rakhi try to appease her before Sherlyn later teaches Mahira a lesson.

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Episode 58 - Tuesday, 9th of November, 2021

In a bid to rush to see Preeta, Karan signs a document hurriedly and without reading it. Returning home, Preeta informs him about Prithvi threatening to visit with a procession. Infuriated, Karan tries to beat Prithvi, but Kritika stops him. On the other hand, Sarla sees Samer wishing Srishti on Valentine's Day.

Episode 59 - Wednesday, 10th of November, 2021

Conflict of interest arises. While Karan refuses to accept Kritika and Prithvi's marriage, Kareena decides to get them married together. Elsewhere, Sherlyn is still angry at Prithvi, and Mahira calms a heartbroken Sherlyn.

Episode 60- Thursday, 11th of November, 2021

After Sherlyn and Prithvi's fight, Sherlyn rests on Prithvi's arm. Preeta notices and calls Kritika's notice to it. Then, Mahira tends to Karan's wound, which upsets Preeta.

Episode 61 - Friday, 12th of November, 2021

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Prithvi calls Srishti his sister in law, which hurts the Luthras, and Sarla slaps Prithvi. Then, however, he heaps everything on Mahira and Pawan while feigning to be sorry.

Episode 62 - Saturday, 13th of November, 2021

In a bid to stop Kritika's marriage, Rishabh comes home. Alongside Karan and Sameer, they try to influence Kritika to break up with Prithvi. To prevent them, she threatens to kill herself if they oppose her marriage.

Episode 63 - Sunday, 14th of November, 2021

Prithvi instigates Kareena while Kritika's revelation makes Rishabh suspect Prithvi. So, he assaults Prithvi and asks him about Mahesh's accident.

Episode 64 - Monday, 15th of November, 2021

Kareena scolds Preeta, but Rakhi, Suresh, and Pammi defend her. Meanwhile, Prithvi is about to find out about Sameer but Shubham, Prithvi's high schoolmate, obstructs the call.

This is Fate teasers
Conflicting situation among cast members. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 65 - Tuesday, 16th of November, 2021

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Frightened, Prithvi implores Sherlyn to follow Srishti but Rishabh obstructs her. However, Kareena finds Prithvi and Sherlyn intimate behind closed doors. At the same time, Srishti and Sameer show Preeta some evidence against Prithvi, and they plan to show it to Kareena.

Episode 66 - Wednesday, 17th of November, 2021

Preeta successfully halts Kritika's engagement and drags Kareena to a room. There, Kareena learns the unsettling truth about Prithvi with Preeta's help. Moving forward, Kareena asks everyone to come together with the intent to expose Prithvi.

Episode 67 - Thursday, 18th of November, 2021

Sherlyn steps in to save Prithvi, while Srishti gets Shubham's address from Prithvi's phone. Srishti, Preeta, and Karan set off to find Shubham to complete the missing puzzle of the truth.

Episode 68 - Friday, 19th of November, 2021

Srishti, Preeta, and Karan succeed and find the key to unlocking the missing puzzle of the truth: Shubham. But, will Shubham tell them the truth? Prithvi and Sherlyn rejoice over their victory. Meanwhile, Preeta promises to unmask Prithvi and shows the world who he is. Then, Akshay blackmails Kritika.

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Episode 69 - Saturday, 20th of November, 2021

Prithvi finds out that Akshay is blackmailing Kritika and uses this to his advantage. Interestingly, he offers Akshay money and implores him to continue the blackmail. Meanwhile, Suresh suspects Sherlyn and decides to investigate and dig up dirt about Sherlyn.

Episode 70 - Sunday, 21st of November, 2021

Preeta learns that Akshay is blackmailing Kritika and offers to help her. On the other hand, Preeta, masked as Kritika, visits Akshay at the hotel and sexually assaults her. Two sides of a coin; a piece of good news that worries Sherlyn and Prithvi thrills the Luthras.

Episode 71 - Monday, 22nd of November, 2021

Mahira listens to Prithvi and Sherlyn's dialogue. Meanwhile, the Luthras celebrate Holi while Sherlyn worries about Akshay's murder and her pregnancy, which infuriates Prithvi.

This is Fate teasers
Preeta learns that Akshay is blackmailing Kritika and offers to help her. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 72 - Tuesday, 23rd of November, 2021

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In today's This is Fate episode, Srishti laces Prithvi's drink and gets him intoxicated. However, Sherlyn and Mahira try to make him see things from a good angle.

Episode 73 - Wednesday, 24th of November, 2021

Sherlyn and Mahira devise a plan to kill Mahesh, while Preeta, Shrishti, Sameera, and Karan are still playing the detectives, trying to extract the truth from an intoxicated Prithvi. Nevertheless, Mahira's attempt to murder Mahesh fails. Finally, Pawan comes to the event. Will Mahesh recognise him?

Episode 74 - Thursday, 25th of November, 2021

Yes, Mahesh recognises Pawan and sets out to reveal a big secret to the Luthras. But, unfortunately, Mahesh's health worsens and fails to expose Mahira, Sherlyn, Prithvi, and Pawan. Thus, Preeta and Prithvi plan to destroy the CCTV footage associated with Akshay.

Episode 75 - Friday, 26th of November, 2021

An unknown witness shares some pieces of information with ACP Vijay. Hence, the ACP asks the Luthra family to gather in the central room for interrogation. During the process, Kritika spills out the truth.

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Episode 76 - Saturday, 27th of November, 2021

Rakhi did not help Preeta run away, while Kareena's behaviour raises eyebrows. ACP Vijay arrests Preeta after she confesses the truth, while Kareena and Dadi stop Mahesh from helping her.

Episode 77 - Sunday, 28th of November, 2021

Mahira's revelations make Sherlyn suspicious of her, Karan, and Prithvi for Akshay's murder. Despite the effort of Karan's lawyer, Preeta is not granted bail.

Episode 78 - Monday, 29th of November, 2021

Prithvi visits Preeta in jail, only to turn her against Karan, while Sameer and Srishti attempt to spy on Mahira. An unknown number calls Prithvi, blackmails her with the death of Akshay, and demands INR 50 lakhs as a silencing fee.

Episode 79 - Tuesday, 30th of November, 2021

Troubled Prithvi thinks of asking Sherlyn for the 50 lakhs to buy the blackmailer's silence before sighting her with a necklace. However, he eventually tells Sherlyn about the blackmailer, and Sherlyn informs him about Pammi. In the process, they steal expensive jewellery from Mahesh's room. Mahesh, still hell-bent on helping Preeta, visits ACP Deepak to bail her, but to no avail.

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Initially, Kareena instructs Preeta to return home since Kritika is married before dragging her outside again later. Although Akshay calls off the wedding, he will not stop shouting at her. But despite the shame, Karan stands in her defence even when she is about to be sent out packing. Unfortunately, when she goes home with Karan, little does she know that there is another hell of issues to be faced.


An issue happens, and investigations are on to find out who gave out Akshay's room number. But, as much as his mother desires him to be proved guilty, it ends up the other way round. Since he decides to discontinue the wedding, what other plans does he have up his sleeves? But then, is there something he knows about Preeta that makes him maltreat her, and will his evil deeds ever find him out?

This is Fate teasers for November 2021 edition have proved that the show has many interesting scenes that no viewers will desire to miss. For instance, what will Rahki do after sighting Mahira while trying to take advantage of Preeta and Karan's separation? Therefore, do not miss the show as the episodes promise to be highly engaging.

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