All Dr Tumi songs ranked 2019

All Dr Tumi songs ranked 2019

Dr. Tumisang Makweya is a rare combination of talents attracting a broad base of listeners for his artistry work. Besides his prolific gospel music career, Dr. Tumi is a certified and accomplice family Doctor. The South African gospel siren has released several music hits which are not only comforting but also encouraging at the core of their messages. For this reason, Dr Tumi songs are increasingly becoming popular beyond South Africa, illuminating more light on his highly celebrated music career.

All Dr Tumi songs ranked 2019

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Dr. Tumi passionately sang all his way growing up. As a young boy, Tumisang Makweya emerged a skillful instrumentalist particularly with the keyboard which interested him most. Outside the church, Tumi would form a group which sang melodiously. The award-winning artist later became famous as Tumi while growing up at his South African hometown in Sheshego, Limpopo Province. Born in 1981, Tumi grew under the care of his caring parents, a priest father and a mother who worked as a teacher, alongside five other siblings. Read on to discover Dr. Tumi best songs of all time.

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1. Speak a Word

This piece is a vibrant composition of the album “The Gathering of Worshippers” released in 2017. Dr Tumi Speak a Word is a successful gospel music with an excess of 419,475 views on YouTube. This emotional worship lyrical engages worshipers to assemble and wait upon the Lord. He further admits that humanity has failed and it is time to give it to God. His insistent prayer on God to break His silence is particularly intriguing. Dr. Tumi asks for God’s direction, love, and healing. You will all admit that Dr. Tumi is a vocal singer and a gifted writer for such an excellent piece.

2. You Are Here

With over 4,178,329 views on YouTube, there is no doubt that “You Are Here” is a hit song. Dr. Tumi released this famous piece under the Heart of a King - The Jesus Edition album in 2016. In the song, Tumi recognizes the presence of God who would never abandon His own. At the same time, the vocalist expresses his desire for God who he acclaims for His trueness. His trust in the Lord clearly illustrates that God is both king and a loyal friend whose promises remain intact in our lives. The song ends with Dr. Tumi admitting his unbounded love for God.

3. No other God

The song was released in 2016 under the Love and Grace album. It is no doubt that most people who come across this piece of music always want to listen to it over and over again. No other God has rapidly gained fame not only in South Africa but also in other parts of the globe. With a YouTube record exceeding 3,770,284 views, the song is a huge hit both at the worship centers, cars, and homes. “No Other God” is one of Dr. Tumi’s songs that everyone must listen.

4. Wafika

Released in 2018, you have every reason to check out this sweet Dr Tumi Wafika melody that is filled with heart quenching throbs. So far, the lyrical has garnered an extended YouTube viewership of more than 1,205,143. The song centers on eternal life which in this case satisfies Dr. Tumi’s longing heart. He recounts on the thirst and emptiness that no one else would satisfy except for the Lord. His troubled mind and restless soul drives him to conclude that God is the giver of a long life filled with holiness.

5. Someone like me

Dr Tumi Someone Like Me is a mind-blowing piece of music released in 2017 under the album “The Gathering of Worshippers.” The hit managed to garner more than 848,766 views successfully ranking among top featured gospels. In the song, Dr. Tumi reflects on the redemption story in which God sent His own beloved Son to die for sinners. God’s love is sufficient, and Tumi is not afraid to thank God for it through his robust talent. Tumi insistently praises God for His love that earned salvation to humanity even for eternity. With close to 1M YouTube views, the song is undoubtedly a huge hit.

6. All of me

Dr Tumi All of Me is a heart touching gospel piece of music released in 2016 later turning to become a worship anthem in South Africa and beyond. It is one of the few songs released under the album Heart of a King - The Jesus Edition that flew to the world. The track is short and brief making it fashionable in modern production dynamics. Tumi openly declares himself as holding nothing back but expressing the deepest of his desires to the All-knowing Lord. He further wants God to take charge of his heart, soul, and mind. His characteristic repetitions in the musical not only makes it sweeter but also expresses his sincerity to the Lord in the songs. Watching the song that has over 1.1M views on YouTube raised my prospects and served as a reminder of how honest we ought to become when presenting ourselves to the Lord.

7. Overflow

This interesting gospel melody released under the album “The Gathering of Worshippers - Beauty for Ashes” is one of Dr Tumi songs 2018 and has progressively garnered more than 677,191 YouTube views. When the music plays, I often find myself emotionally entangled such that I can no longer hold back my tears. In the beautiful piece, the artist welcomes the Holy Spirit to overflow everyone with a consuming fire. Such would ignite worshipers with living fire. He likens the abundance of the Holy Spirit among the people as with the rains.

8. Nothing without you

Nothing Without You is a piece that brings out Dr. Tumi’s call to the ministry of the gospel in which he is doing pretty well. Released in 2016 under the album, Love and Grace, the reception of the songs is satisfactory garnering an excess of 1,170,074 views on YouTube. If there is one thing I like about this specific jam, is its compositions and flow of the word streamlined with the message. Dr. Tumi identifies God as our savior whose protection has seen us alive today. He notes that we are vulnerable to the enemy and deep waters without God. In this musical, God is literally depicted as the air we breathe without whom we could not exist in the first place. It is entertaining how Tumi blends music in this sweet piece.

9. Everything

Everything is a huge hit in Dr. Tumi’s album “Heart of a King” released in 2017. The song is particularly prevalent in YouTube and other video subscriber channels. With over 144,893 YouTube views, the song is unstoppable. Listening to this beautiful melody once is never enough to experience its heart soothing melodies. Dr. Tumi recounts ever feeling alone with no one around to count on for support. He admits feeling wrong about himself until he met the caring Savior. He is pleased that the Lord would pardon him of his sinful past even in his weakness.

10. Because of Jesus

With over 36K YouTube views, this jam is progressively breaking its perimeters in worship setups. Dr. Tumi released Because of Jesus in 2017 under the album “The Gathering of Worshippers - Speak a Word,“ which took his fans with love. The song elaborates God’s loving nature to humanity, confidence that Tumi cannot hold back in the song. God is the light bearer, on His sight darkness cannot stand.

Other famous songs by Dr. Tumi

Dr. Tumi has released other favorite pieces of music under different albums. Below is a list of his record songs that also took his fans with a landslide of love.

  • All I Need
  • Arise
  • Be Free
  • Beauty For Ashes
  • The Blood Song
  • Consuming Love
  • Crushing in You
  • Decree
  • Faithful
  • Forgiven
  • Grace
  • Grateful
  • Heart of a King
  • Holy
  • I Am Tumi
  • I Believe
  • I Love It Here
  • I Love You Jesus
  • I Love You Lord
  • I Receive
  • I'm Loved By God
  • In The Presence
  • Jesus Lives
  • Jesus Song
  • King
  • King Of Glory
  • Love and Grace
  • Loved
  • Mighty God
  • Most High
  • My Rest
  • None Like You
  • Nothing About You
  • Open Doors
  • Open Heaven
  • Prelude
  • Raging Fire
  • Royalty
  • Seated on the Throne
  • Someone Like You
  • Son of God
  • There's No Other Name
  • There's None
  • Trust and Obey
  • We Love You Lord
  • Worthy of All Our Praise
  • You Alone
  • Your Name
  • Zoe

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At age 38, Tumisang Makweya is still a vibrant gospel musician whose work continues to spread hope and the love of his warm-hearted career. Becoming a family man in 2008, Tumi has continually heightened his music career which is now at its peak. Most of Dr Tumi songs seek to connect humanity with God in the way that no other musician of caliber has achieved before. The good thing about Tumi’s songs is that you can listen to them over again and still want to hear more of its lyrics. Timeless!



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