30 best gentleman quotes and images

30 best gentleman quotes and images

With the current state of affairs in the world, it is no surprise to wonder whether chivalry still exists. Men have replaced the manly qualities described in gentleman quotes with unpalatable conduct that has no touch of class, courteousness, and honor. People dismiss this concern with the excuse of changing times and civilization. If anything, civilization is supposed to make more gentlemen and gentle ladies out of men and women respectively. Thankfully, there are great gentleman quotes to remind you what a delight it is to be a gentleman and how to act gentlemanly.

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Being a gentleman is more of an attitude, behavior and character issue than it is a change in social psychology. Arguably, having good moral standards, empathy, honor, courteousness and personal grooming makes you a gentleman. Gentleman quotes put it so well by giving a different real-life perspective of these qualities. Find one among the thirty gentleman quotes listed below that you can use as you go about your daily life.

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What are some of the best quotes?

The best gentleman quotes round up everything that makes up a gentleman. Some teach while others applaud. Of importance, it is the value you get from reading and applying these quotes in your life. Some of the famous quotes about being a gentleman are the best, and most of them are from great personalities history has ever recorded. Let us get down to it.

  • Maturity is a matter of sensitivity, good manners, and how you respond to life as it unfolds; and not a function of age. The importance bestowed upon it does very little to help all understand this.
  • A boy with a good understanding of responsibility, honor, and empathy is a man in a youngling’s body. Just like it takes good care, availability, and providence to be a father, it takes good choices to be a gentleman.
  • A gentleman understands that crying in a movie is the same as screaming in war, both take an extraordinary amount of emotional attachment to happen. There is no shame in facing your emotion as suppressing it makes you vile.
  • A gentleman has his body trained to be of service to his brain, and the passions as the servants of his will. He eschews evil, stands by the truth, enjoys the simple and beautiful, and holds others in high regards as he does to himself.
  • Being a gentleman is a manifestation of the highest degree of calmness, understanding, honor, control, intelligence and confidence. Becoming one, on the other hand, takes great emotional, mental and physical strength.

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Gentleman attitude quotes

  • A gentleman has a wide perspective on a matter without holding any bias. The small man, on the other hand, approaches an issue from one perspective and holds a great bias towards his perspective.
  • Occasionally, we all meet a gentleman, that, were it not for manners, you would have made him you.
  • If the word gentleman was a man, he would be generous, magnanimous, forbearing and straight to the point.
  • In Raymond Chandler’s words, “ The minute you try to talk business with him he takes the attitude that he is a gentleman and a scholar, and the moment you try to approach him on the level of his moral integrity he starts to talk business,” and that makes him a gentleman.
  • A self-committed mistake to a gentleman is like a matchstick lit in an oil field. His conscience acts as his moral borderlines not allowing bad behavior to go unpunished even if everyone else has forgotten.

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Funny gentleman quotes

Funny gentlemen have been recorded to exist in history with the most common being Oscar Wilde and Socrates. In fact, a perfect gentleman comes with a well-developed sense of humor, sarcasm and wits, mostly used to out-think a friend, make fun of a difficult situation, or express frustration. Generally, humor earns you a good place in people’s heart. With that said, here are some funny gentleman quotes that you might use:

  • Come what may, you need to marry. If your lucky stars guide you to a good wife, then you’ll live happily ever; if they lead you to a bad wife, you will surely become a philosopher.
  • In Socrates words, “do not argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”
  • Albert Einstein observes, “two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe.”
  • Jack Nicholson wondered, “my mother never saw the irony of calling me a son of a bitch.”
  • In Oscar Wilde’s wisdom, “ always borrow money from a pessimist. He won’t expect it back.”

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Gentleman quotes for him

More often than not, we men get caught up in the busy schedule of the daily life that the need to act properly escapes our mind. Being called a gentleman is a privilege to be attained by constant acts of honor, truthfulness, integrity, and consciousness.

Gentleman quotes for him can be said or forwarded to any man in your life. Be it your friend, brother, uncle, boyfriend or neighbor; you can always share these quotes to make him understand what it is that you see in him that qualifies him to the status of a gentleman .You can also use these quotes to remind them of the need to be gentle in all that they do.

  • A gentleman adds more value into the world than he gets from it. – This quote is perfect for a gentleman that you know who adds value into the society. It can also be told, as a challenge, to a man who does so little to add value to the society.
  • It is gentlemanly to have thoughts similar to a man of action and act like a man of pure thought. – This quote is an inspiration to take calculated action instead of wasting your time and energy on thoughts alone.
  • A gentleman understands that a man who has mastered patience has mastered all the other things. – an impatient man can be told this quote to help him understand the value of patience. It can also be told to a patient man as encouragement and applaud for his patience.
  • In the words of Winston Churchill, “ a man does what he must – in spite of personal consequences , in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressure – and that is the basis of all human morality.”
  • Gentlemen understand that a good education is the foundation of a man. However, reading, constructive company and meditation make him complete. – Any man can be told this as a reminder to seek the right knowledge, cultivate good relationships and associations, and finally spend some time with himself to think about life and everything that makes it complete.

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Gentleman love quotes

  • A gentleman opens the door for her, pulls a chair, takes her coat, grabs her purse, not because she can not do all that by herself but because he loves her and wants to let her know she is of value and that she deserves the respect he has to give. In fact, none of these make you any less of a man.

  • To a gentleman, love is not a commodity peddled at the right market condition for maximum profit margin. Instead, it is a proclamation of deep interest in a woman and the ultimate adhesive that binds two together. It deserves the honor, respect, and commitment to grow and develop as time goes by.
  • It is common for a gentleman to get the attention of many but fix his eyes on one, his girl. The ultimate show of loyalty to a gentleman is his inability to look any other way apart from where his woman is.
  • Love is not about the superiority of ideas or dominance; instead, it is about understanding, reciprocity, and patience with one another. A gentleman knows when to listen when to speak and when to hold her hands and cuddle her deep into the night.
  • In the words of Ann Godbersen, “do not go looking for boys in the dark, they will say pretty things then leave you with scars. Do go looking for boys in the park for that is where true gentlemen are.”
  • A gentleman will call you beautiful, not hot; call you back when you hang up on him. He will protect you from people throwing stones at you. He will stay awake all night long watching you sleep. He is not afraid to show you off to the rest of the world, even when you are not confident about yourself. He will walk by you through hard times. He sees you for who you are and finds you more attractive without make-up. He will brag about you when he is with his friends. He will break all the high walls you build to keep him away and reach you. He cuddles you when you mess and enjoys stargazing in your company.
  • Gentlemen understand that love is a long-term investment and the only way to earn a good return on investment is by making long-term decisions and enjoy the little dividends that come along the way. They make their women happy for as long as time and chance allow them.
  • A gentleman understands that the only time he can lie to a woman is when he wants to surprise her. He understands that a true man never abandons his pursuit for the woman she loves even after winning her over. Every day provides a new opportunity to make her the happiest woman.
  • To a gentleman, the only way to love is to love always. He understands that a long-lasting relationship demands choosing to love one another every time, especially those moments when it is a struggle to love one another.
  • A gentleman respects spontaneity in a relationship and makes his plans to fit the prevailing conditions. To him, love is random conversations that have a weird beginning and a beautiful ending, love is silly moments when hearty laughter breaks through the midnight air as you crack jokes about your past experiences, love is simply living the moment.

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Gentleman quotes remind you of the honor, respect, and courteousness that should accompany a real man. In a world where diversity of opinion is held in high esteem and liberal thinking is applauded, it is easy to replace gentle attitude with arrogance and get away with it. Nonetheless, being gentle has never and will never cost you a thing. Choose to be a gentleman and help the world be a better place.

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