List of sponsorship companies in South Africa: how to apply

List of sponsorship companies in South Africa: how to apply

Corporate sponsorship companies market themselves by providing resources or financing events, projects, or programs. These sponsorships are mostly available to individuals and small businesses/organizations, and it does not matter if your events, projects, or programs are for non-profit or commercial purposes. Discover sponsorship companies in South Africa from this article.

sponsorship companies in South Africa
List of sponsorship companies in South Africa. Photo:, @Anna Shvets
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A corporate sponsorship company partners with you if your events, projects, or programs can easily reach its target audience. Therefore, know which sponsorship company to approach because they only commit their money or resources to things that can meet their marketing goals.

List of corporate sponsors in South Africa

Sponsorship companies provide incentives that can draw more people to your event. Besides business and charity events, you can get them to sponsor your podcasts, YouTube channels, social media live sessions, etc. Below is a list of the top companies to approach for sponsorship in South Africa. Most are event organizers and planners who can help you get sponsors:

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1. Blac Inc. Events and Communications

sponsorship companies in SA
Blac Inc. Events and Communications' logo. Photo: @blackinceventsandcommunications
Source: Facebook

The company was established in 1997 in Johannesburg, re-launched in Gauteng in 2003, and moved back to Durban in 2004 but still maintained a solid client service presence in Johannesburg. According to Blac Inc.'s website, they are creative, innovative, and efficient in corporate marketing and have strong media relationships. You can write them a sponsorship letter, call or fax them to inquire about the application procedure or contact them via social media.

2. Disney Africa Media Sales and Partnerships

List of sponsorship companies
Disney logo. Photo: @DisneyinAfrica
Source: Facebook
  • Address: 16 Fricker Rd, Illovo, Sandton, 2196, South Africa
  • Telephone: +27 11 772 2514 (Angela Garrad, Illovo, Johannesburg)
  • Email: (Angela Garrad, Illovo, Johannesburg)
  • Facebook: @DisneyinAfrica
  • Website:

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The Walt Disney Company can offer individual sponsorship in South Africa. Agencies and direct clients who book traditional TV advertising with Disney access wider opportunities like partnering with Disney off-air on brands (Disney Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, etc.). Analyze the Disney advertising rate card before sending your application.

3. Business and Arts South Africa (BASA)

companies that sponsor non profit organizations in south africa
A BASA event. Photo: @BusinessArtsSA
Source: Facebook

You can get small business sponsorship from BASA. The organization is funded by SA's Department of Arts and Culture. BASA Supporting Grant programs enforce arts and business partnerships by providing resources, research, information, and networking opportunities. You can apply for a BASA membership online.

4. Levergy

small business sponsorship companies
Levergy's logo. Photo: @levergy_sa
Source: Twitter

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Levergy is a communications agency in Johannesburg. They link consumers to brands through sports, entertainment, and cultural events. Levergy's website, social media platforms, and emails are open for inquiries about the application process.

5. Paramount Promotions

List of sponsorship companies
Paramount Promotions premises. Photo: @ParamountPHX
Source: Twitter

Paramount Promotions handles promotions for events in arts, sports, and entertainment. They also offer sponsorship management services, procurement, and leveraging opportunities around events and properties. You can always contact them to know the application process.

6. Playmakers

individual sponsorship in south africa
Playmaker's Facebook post. Photo: @playmakerbd
Source: Facebook

Playmaker is one of those companies that sponsor individuals. It is a sports marketing management consultancy. The company has a team of over 50 dedicated players and uses a creative sponsorship approach. You can contact Playmaker for application inquiries.

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7. OL Afrika Media Foundation

List of sponsorship companies in South Africa
OL Afrika Media Foundation's logo. Photo: @OlAfrika
Source: Facebook

OL Afrika Media Foundation is a co-production company for emerging filmmakers in South Africa. It centers on media, audio-visual, arts business, and related fields. They only sponsor filmmakers who meet their qualifications. The company has many partners, including Coca-Cola and the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture, and Recreation. Contact OL Afrika Media for clear application guidelines.

8. Discovery Health

sponsorship companies
Discovery's logo. Photo: @discoverysouthafrica
Source: Facebook

Discovery promotes health and protects lives. The organization has strong partnerships and various initiatives in South Africa's local communities and abroad. It might be one of those companies that sponsor non-profit organizations in South Africa you have been looking for. Discovery has outlined its sponsorship application procedure on its website.

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List of sponsorship companies in South Africa
Source: UGC

How to get a sponsorship?

You can find a sponsor online in South Africa because there are many untapped international and local corporate sponsorships. You can also request your existing supporters to propose more sponsors. Research the proposed sponsors and send them pitches. Below is a list of corporate sponsors you should search for, for your commercial or non-profit organization:

  • Battalion Communications in Johannesburg
  • Bpesa Industry Awards in Cape Town
  • Dancin Search in Johannesburg
  • Elite Sports in Pinetown
  • Fast Pulse (Pty) Ltd at Kempton Park
  • Forwardzone in Johannesburg
  • Gameplan Media in Durban
  • Greenside Branding in Johannesburg
  • Kings Of Lael found in Soweto
  • Kudos Impression Management at Lonehill
  • Lanceab Sports & Events (Pty) Ltd in Centurion
  • The Cape Mint in Cape Town
  • One-eyed Jack in Cape Town
  • Pitch Sports Entertainment and Media in Johannesburg
  • Plus Fore Golf in Johannesburg
  • Raizcorp in Johannesburg
  • Siyakhona! Sponsorship Brokers in Johannesburg
  • Social 2 Business /S2B in Cape Town
  • SponsorMax in Stellenbosch
  • in Johannesburg
  • Sport Scout in Somerset West
  • Sports Marketing Solutions in Port Elizabeth
  • Team Vuka Nicholson Group in Cape Town
  • Treble Group in Cape Town
  • Vulavala Productions in Meadowland
  • WAVE in Gauteng

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How do you approach a company for sponsorship?

Send them pitches via sponsorship letters or emails. Your pitch should tell them an appealing story about your business and/or event. You should also explain how they will benefit from the partnership.

How to write a sponsorship letter?

An organization or individual writes a sponsorship letter to a potential sponsor. It can also be an email explaining why the person or organization should partner with you and the benefits they stand to enjoy.

A sponsorship letter sample

(Your organization's name)(Your organization's address)(Date)(Sponsorship organization's name)(Sponsorship organization's address)To the marketing and sales manager,I am (your name), the director of (your organization's name). We are delighted to invite you to our annual children's sports event. Our organization produces and sells milk in our region. We also advocate for equal elementary school educational opportunities for children. The sports event fundraises money for needy children under our academic bursary program. We're looking for potential sponsors to help make the event successful and believe your company aligns with our mission because you sell textbooks and stationeries. We need financial donations, and your contribution will pay school fees for the needy children in our program and help them get other academic essentials.Your sponsorship permits you to put banners, posters, and other media at the venue. You can also bring textbooks and stationeries for attendees to buy. Our company will not be entitled to the money you make at the event.Our organization will also feature your company on our website, annual report, and the event's posters. I plan to follow up with you via email in the next three weeks and look forward to your response.Sincerely, (Sender's signature)(Sender's name)(Sender's managerial position)(Contact information)

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How do companies make money from sponsorship?

Corporate sponsorship companies benefit by marketing themselves at your event, project, or program. As a result, they generate sales associated with your business.

What are the disadvantages of sponsorship?

  • Some sponsorship companies in SA can be a bad image for your business or the event. For instance, you should not invite a whiskey company or any other business selling alcohol to a children's event.
  • A sponsorship company you rely on the most can pull out of the agreement last minute.
  • Some sponsorship companies in Mzansi overpromise their contributions and underdeliver.
  • A sponsorship company may not generate enough sales from your event, project, or program to cover the money it contributed.

Most sponsorship companies in South Africa require you to contact them because they do not allow online applications for sponsorships. Some are reliable, while others can let you down. Therefore, apply to as many companies as possible to avoid disappointments when some back out last minute.

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