100 beautiful Tswana names for boys and girls

100 beautiful Tswana names for boys and girls

Babies are a gift from God, and they bring a lot of joy to parents’ lives. However, they come with a lot of responsibilities and tasks, and one of those tasks is coming up with the most appropriate name for the infant. Baby naming is vital, especially for Africans, for it gives a sense of origin. Indeed, names remind us of where we are from. The Tswana community has some of the most beautiful names for children. Here are 100+ cute Tswana names for both boys and girls with their meanings.

Tswana baby names

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Tswana people are a Bantu speaking community who are native in the Southern part of Africa. They make up to around 85% of Botswana while others are found in the North West Province of South Africa.

Who are the Tswana?

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Tswana Baby Names

Like most of the other African communities, Setswana people take the naming ceremony very seriously, and a child has to have one or more African names. Guided by their religious beliefs, some Setswana names are given to kids in memory of those who have passed. Other Tswana baby names depend on the conditions in which children are born, like time and seasons, yet other babies are given their names to show a particular character. All in all, in Tswana, Setswana names must have a meaning and a purpose.

Tswana names for boys

Boys are an important part of the African community, as they carry on the title and respect of the family. Here are the top boy names with their meanings.

  • Afeloteng- Change it
  • Agang- Build
  • Amogelang- Receive
  • Baboloki- Savior
  • Boikanyo- A dependence
  • Boitumelo- Joy
  • Dineo- Gifts
  • Ditiro- Acts
  • Fenyang- Victory
  • Goatsemodime- God knows
  • Godiraone- It is God who does
  • Gofaone- It is God who gives
  • Goitsemodomo- God knows
  • Goitseone- It is him who Knows
  • Gosebo- Lucky
  • Kabo- Gift
  • Kagiso- Peace
  • Katlego- Sucess
  • Kefilwe- I was given
  • Kealeboga- Thank you
  • Kefetse- Conquer
  • Kenosi- I am alone
  • Kgalefa- Brave
  • Kgomotso- Comfort
Tswana names for boys

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  • Kgosieman- Who is the chief
  • Khumo- Wealth
  • Khumoetsile- Wealth has come
  • Kigosi- King
  • Kopano- United Universe
  • Lebogang- Be thankful
  • Letlhogonolo- Lucky
  • Letsego- Armament
  • Masego- Blessings
  • Mmoloki- A savior
  • Mmusi- Governor
  • Moagi- A builder
  • Modise- Herder
  • Moeng- Guest

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  • Mogapi- One who confiscates
  • Mogorosi- One who brings animals into the kraal in the evening
  • Mogotsi- The builder of fire
  • Mokgosi- A loud call for help
  • Molatlhegi- The lost one
  • Molefe- Pay damages for her
  • Molefi- One who pay damages to another
  • Mompati- One who accompanies me
  • Mooketsi- One who is growing
  • Morapedi- One who prays
  • Moremi- One who cuts with an axe
  • Moreri- Preacher
  • Mosegi- Tailor
  • Moseki- One who appears before a court
  • Mosimanegape- A boy again
  • Moswen- Light in color
  • Mothibi- One who drives animals
  • Mothundi- A smith
  • Mothusi- A helper
  • Motlalepula- One who brings rain
  • Motswane- Good
  • Oatise- He knows
  • Obonye- He has seen
  • Odirile- He has done
  • Ouetse- He has paid
  • Ofetse- He has conquered
  • Olebile- He is watching
  • Olebogeng- Thank Him
  • Olorato- Loving
  • Omphile- God-given gift
  • Onkemetse- He is representing me
  • Omphemetse- God has protected me
  • Onkgopotse- Remembered
  • Orefile- He has given us
  • Oteng- He is there
  • Othusitse- He has helped
  • Otsile- He has come
  • Pono- Sight
  • Reekeditsoe- Added
  • Thato- Will
  • Tapiwa- Gift
  • Tapologo- Relaxation
  • Tau- Lion
  • Thabo- Joy
  • Thato- Will
  • Tshegofatso- Grace
  • Tshenolo- Revelation
  • Tshepo- Trust
  • Tsholofelo- Expectation
  • Teulo- Payment

Setswana names for boys are especially important in the community because they define a man, and his family for Setswana surnames mostly come from the man’s name as the head of his family. Fun fact; most of the names starting with o are mostly related to God.

Tswana girl names

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Tswana Girl Names

  • Akayang- Think About it
  • Barulaganye- They come immediately
  • Boipelo- Proud
  • Botshelo- Life
  • Dikeledi- Tears
  • Dipuo- Talks
  • Goitsemang- Who knows
  • Gotsemedi- The Lord knows
  • Goitsemedime- God knows
  • Gorata- Will
  • Gouta- Gold
  • Katlego- Success
  • Keabetswe- We have been given
  • Kealaboga- Thankyou
  • Keamogetse- I have received
  • Kedibonye- I have seen them
  • Kefilwe- I am given
  • Keitumetse- I am happy
  • Kelebogile- I am thankful
  • Keneilwe- I have been given
  • Lerato - Love
  • Lesedi- Light
  • Lesego- Luck
  • Lorato- Love
  • Malebogo- Thanks
  • Masego- Blessings
  • Mmaabo- Their mother
  • Montsho- Black
  • Mosetsanagape- A girl again
  • Mpho- Gift
  • Oatise- He knows
  • Onalena- He has protected me
  • Ontlametse- He has protected me
  • Reneliwe- Given
  • Sogomotso- A comfort
  • Sethuya- A flower
  • Tale- Green

It is indeed true that the Setswana people have the most beautiful names on earth. You can find many more Tswana baby names on Facebook.


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