Ntsiki Mazwai Blasts Black Women Again for Wearing Wigs, Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens

Ntsiki Mazwai Blasts Black Women Again for Wearing Wigs, Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens

  • Ntiki Mazwai is back on the socials to share her controversial opinions
  • This time, the activist/ presenter gave her thoughts on wigs, saying black women have self-esteem issues
  • The MOYA presenter received mixed reactions to her post where many netizens supported her take
Ntsiki Mazwai throws shots at black women for wearing wigs
Mzansi weighed in on Ntsiki Mazwai's controversial opinion about black women wearing wigs. Images: miss_ntsiki_mazwai
Source: Instagram

No one can ever be safe from Ntsiki Mazwai's sharp tongue to think she vowed to change her ways. The outspoken activist recently gave a blunt take on black women who wear wigs, boldly calling it a mental illness.

Her Twitter (X) followers were not shy to support her statements, while other netizens rubbished Ntsiki's claims that black women are ashamed of their "blackness."

Ntsiki Mazwai calls out black women

Eh, mara Ntsiki Mazwai will always be Ntsiki Mazwai! The MOYA host went on social media to give Twitter (X) users a rude awakening, more especially black women.

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Ntsiki bumped into a photo of a lady lifting her wig to expose her receding hairline, allegedly caused by lace glue. The activist gave a frank view on black women who wear wigs, saying they have self-esteem issues:

"First we need to address the mental illness of having 2 sets of hair on your head because you hate your hair so much. Let's start with the self-esteem issue ravaging black women."

Mzansi weighs in on Ntsiki Mazwai's take

Netizens expressed varying reactions to Ntsiki's opinion, where half supported her take and blasted black women for wearing wigs:

125789X said:

"Black women and bleaching, fake hair, fake beauty and nails are inseparable. The list is endless; what a broken people."

Thuso1Africa wrote:

"For me, I will always prefer women in natural hair. Fake hair is a no no for me."

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JmSebothoma responded:

"They don't love and appreciate themselves enough, that's why they want to be like some Westerns in order to gain their self-esteem."

Meanwhile, other netizens, mostly ladies, shot back at Ntsiki's slander. Previously, Ntsiki faced backlash after criticising women for wearing false eyelashes:

SMARTY_marties said:

"Can’t believe in 2023 we’re shaming people for choosing what they want with their hair. You really need to get over it."

BlueSnowball1 pointed out:

"Wigs are used to protect the natural hair when someone wants to grow out the hair underneath, like when you have hormonal issues or alopecia."

Viwekaz said:

"Nothing wrong with our hair, it's just hard to maintain. Siyasebenza we don't have time."

When asked for a comment on the backlash, Ntsiki evaded the question. However, Miss Mazwai told Briefly News about her plans for the MOYA podcast:

"This week's episode is SUCH a treat, Adv Muzi Sikhakhane is a gem! I am currently on a crowd-funding mission for new episodes for school holidays."

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Ntsiki Mazwai throws shots at Somizi Mhlongo

In a recent report, Briefly News caught online reactions to Ntsiki Mazwai dragging Somizi Mhlongo. Ntsiki called out the former Idols SA judge for wearing wigs instead of his natural hair, and netizens were not impressed:

Mawandempiti said:

“Why am I now sensing some “Umona” vibes? Somizi is a brand nontombi, live with it and make peace.”

Source: Briefly News

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