Little Girl Gets Full Frontal Wig Install, TikTok Video Sparks Debate on Child Beauty Standards

Little Girl Gets Full Frontal Wig Install, TikTok Video Sparks Debate on Child Beauty Standards

  • A TikTok video has gone viral showing a toddler getting a full frontal lace wig install done at a salon
  • Many netizens have condemned the mother for putting a wig on her child, arguing that it is inappropriate and teaches her that her natural looks are not good enough
  • Others have defended the mother's decision, arguing that she is simply trying to make her daughter look her best for a photoshoot
Girl gets full frontal wig install
A girl getting a full frontal wig installation left many people unsettled. Image:
Source: TikTok

An African mother caused a stir on social media when she put a full-frontal lace wig on her toddler daughter.

A TikTok video shared by shows the child getting a lace wig installed as the hairdresser applies glue to her hairline and does the process of installing the hairpiece.

Watch the video below:

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According to Quora, there is no specific age at which it is appropriate to start wearing wigs. People of all ages may choose to wear wigs for various reasons, such as to conceal hair loss, to change their hairstyle or colour without damaging their natural hair, or simply as a fashion accessory.

Netizens unsettled by baby girl in lace wig

Although whether or not a parent chooses to put their child in a wig is completely up to them, many netizens called out the mother for being inappropriate. Others said she indirectly taught her child that her natural looks were not good enough.

user5311852306311 wrote:

"Just let babies be babies bakwethu."

Rhandzu wrote:

"If I catch the mother ."

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lisastylist1 replied:

"This is why people think hairdressing is for the uneducated. Please remove yourself from our industry. ."

Racqy Cee said:

"At every twist and turn we teach our girls their natural beauty isn’t enough ."

Ems commented:

"She's a BABY!! Let her be proud of her own natural looks."

Sonja replied:

"A good wash with conditioner with a cute headband would’ve been precious."

Akpe mama said:

"I will do the same as a mom anyway!! Lil mama could be turning one and needs a pretty photoshoot done!! abi una Dey see the kyn hair she get."

Videos of baby getting makeup done sparks outrage on social media

In another story, Briefly News reported that social media users have reacted to a trending video of a mother who allowed her baby girl to get makeup done.

The viral video of the tiny tot, who seems to be less than a year old, shows her getting her eyebrows done and later showing the complete look posted on Instagram by @active_mamaz.

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Source: Briefly News

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