Skomota Spotted Kissing Another Woman, Pictures and Video Sparks Concerns: “Needs To Slow Down”

Skomota Spotted Kissing Another Woman, Pictures and Video Sparks Concerns: “Needs To Slow Down”

  • Skomota found himself under the spotlight once again as a video and pictures surfaced with another woman
  • The dance sensation was engaged in a passionate makeout session with a lady at a nightclub
  • The duo seemed lost in the music and each other unaware of onlookers capturing their PDA moment

Skomota is once again a trending topic, but this time it's not for his mesmerising moves on the dance floor.

Skomota's love life trended
Skomota's love life became a hot topic on social media. Image: @JuxYogi and @Motheo2009
Source: Twitter

Pictures and online video captured Skomota's makeout session with another lady at a nightclub.

The duo seemed completely absorbed in the music, oblivious to onlookers recording their public display of affection.

Video of Skomota sparks a debate

The visuals posted by X users like @Zikamnyamane have ignited a diverse range of reactions on social media. On one hand, fans envy Skomota's seemingly fast-paced and glamorous lifestyle. However, concerns about his health and reputation also occur in the online discussion.

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See the clip below:

Mzansi fears for Skomota

Some social media users are stunned by the frequency of Skomota changing his romantic partners. They fear Skomota might have to deal with fake allegations in the future.

On a more serious note, there are worries about the potential risk of contracting a sexual disease.

Fans defend Skomota

As the debate unfolds, fans are divided. Some passionately defend Skomota, urging critics to let him enjoy his newfound fame and live his best life.

@bongwe_ncube said:

"The HIV that is waiting for him yileyana ye soul city."

@ElatedTate stated:

"The boy is a soft life ambassador!"

@Azwi20686276 wrote:

"He thinks he's the boss of kissing."

@iamRTI mentioned:

"This brother looks like he gets his powers from kissing females."

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@lyonteboho tweeted:

"He's getting beautiful huns, jealous down."

@Ms_MoloGady posted:

"Hai honestly this is too much new girl every day his health, yohh.‍♀️"

@faloe suggested:

"He needs to slow down."

Skomota caught on camera eating his snot

In a related article, Briefly News reported that viral dance sensation Skomota has been making trends lately, and recently, he made headlines as a disturbing video of him went viral on social media.

The dance sensation left many netizens in stitches after his request to work with the late Ricky Rick and, AKA. Now Skomota finds himself trending once again as a video of him feasting on his snot has circulated social media.

Source: Briefly News

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