Kanye West Goes on 10-Minute Rant About Jewish People and Showbiz, Heated Video Trends

Kanye West Goes on 10-Minute Rant About Jewish People and Showbiz, Heated Video Trends

  • Kanye West went on an explosive rant, targeting his ex-business partners, Donald Trump, and Jewish people
  • Kanye claimed that Jews own banks, hospitals, and private schools in Los Angeles, sparking concern and discussions
  • The 10-minute video of the rapper going off in front of a group of people is causing a frenzy on social media
Kanye West
Kanye West made controversial statements in a heated rant in Las Vegas. Image: Edward Berthelot and MEGA
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Kanye West is back in the spotlight after his heated rant in Las Vegas, where he didn't hold back in dragging Donald Trump, his former business partners, and making controversial remarks about Jewish people.

Kanye vents for 10 minutes

In a roughly 10-minute explosion, Kanye claimed that Jews owned all the banks, hospitals, and even private schools in Los Angeles.

"It’s 60 million of us in America, 60 million Jews in the world. Who’s going to make the hospitals, though? He’s a Zionist, Trump. This is what I’ve been trying to tell you. Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye, third party, sponsor that."

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Kanye says North West threw a tantrum

The rapper also raised eyebrows when he passionately yelled about his daughter. He said North West resorted to tearing up couches to be with him.

According to TMZ, The incident occurred during a listening event for Kanye's new album Ventures, where he continued to stir controversy with his lyrics.

As he rapped alongside North and Ty Dolla $ign, he declared, "I still keep some Jews with me. Management? Nah. I only let 'em do my jewellery."

Fans discuss Kanye's controversial statements

The incident has left fans and critics buzzing with discussions surrounding Kanye's unfiltered outburst.

Watch the video posted by @yungfelakut1 below:

@itzbon3z said:

"The fact the man wants society to elevate and take back control and people sitting here just calling him crazy is funny af to me."

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@gottastephitup commented:

"A whole bunch of yes men in the room letting him crash out for views."

@polo_errday mentioned:

"He talking over y’all heads. Just because y’all don’t understand doesn’t make him crazy."

@4itsrox posted:

"Lol! Well. In Kanye’s defence, he gave us a good little break. "

@synphaniee_lyricc posted:

"The funny part about humans is we ask for the truth but when someone gives us the truth they're labelled as crazy."

@iamnatashamayne shared:

"He is not crazy, just emotionally unintelligent. He is venting about the world he experienced."

@therushking24 asked:

"Isn’t he the same person who praised Adolf Hitler? If that’s woke, just let me sleep."

@juanc4pierce commented:

"It’s sad that he has a room full of enablers just being yes-men for clout."

Kanye West announces new foldable Yeezy shoe

In another article, Briefly News reported that United States rapper Kanye West has announced his latest shoe. This is the entrepreneur's first release since his deal with Adidas fell flat.

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Musician Kanye West took to X to introduce his latest shoe invention, the YZY POD. In a short statement, Kanye West said this marks the first release since parting with Adidas.

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