Cyan Boujee Slaps MacG With a Lethal Clapback After He Called Her Names on ‘Podcast & Chill’

Cyan Boujee Slaps MacG With a Lethal Clapback After He Called Her Names on ‘Podcast & Chill’

  • Cyan Boujee retaliated against MacG's insults, particularly criticising him for calling her a prostitute for views and mocking his wife's appearance
  • Her response, shared on social media, sparked backlash for involving MacG's wife and body shaming her
  • Social media users blasted Cyan Boujee's clapback, calling it weak and questioning her logic in attacking MacG's wife instead of him directly

Cyan Boujee had no kind words to say to MacG after he called her insulting names during an episode of his popular show, Podcast & Chill. The controversial media personality even came after MacG's wife.

Cyan Boujee fires back at MacG
Cyan Boujee responded to MacG's rant with a spicy clapback. Image: @cyan.boujee24 and @macgunleashed
Source: Instagram

Cyan Boujee fires back at MacG

It seems the gloves are off in Cyan Boujee and MacG's fight. The popular DJ and club hostess fired back at the outspoken podcaster after he shared his thoughts on her profession.

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A screenshot of the star's response to a fan was shared on social media by the popular entertainment blog MDN News on their page. Cyan Boujee was responding to a fan who asked about her thoughts on MacG's sentiments. She said:

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"Lol, gotta get used to the hot topic phrase. That squirrel looking thing laughing out at the fact that I'm out on school tours is okay, but calling me a prostitute for views is were we draw the line. Your wife that looks 20x older than you is the actual prostitute."

Mzansi responds to Cyan Boujee's clapback

Cyan Boujee's response to MacG's rant did not sit well with social media users. Many called out the controversial star for involving MacG's wife and body shaming her.

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@NtateWilliams said:

"Woman attacking another woman to get back at the man."

@Mellow_Xxi added:

"The clap back is weak."

@PrincessSkhu commented:

"Very weak she was just throwing words, otherwise what she said about Naledi doesn't even make sense."


"Kanti when you engage in sexual activities and expecting money in return... What are you?"

@Moshe_Meso noted:

"What do you call someone who exchanges sexual pleasure for money?"

@Shonny_SA wrote:

"I like that she chose to insult another woman and not Mac G. It’s a win for us Men."

Cyan Boujee responds to outrage over twerking at a school

Meanwhile, Briefly News reported that Cyan Boujee responded to the outrage over the video of her raunchy dancing at a school. The controversial DJ said she was called to motivate kids during a function that turned into a twerking showcase, and Mzansi was unhappy with it.

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One person who cannot avoid drama and scrutiny is Cyan Boujee. Coming from her assault scandal with her former manager, Cyan is back on the tabloids to defend herself for twerking for minors.

Source: Briefly News

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